Create Your Own Alternate Investment Portfolio

India, Sweden hope to Co-create Products for Global Market ...

I invest in several Alternative investment platforms across the globe to diversify and earn passive income. Analysis based on my portfolio returns of top performing platforms for various asset classes are given below:

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Quarterly Return

Goal : Liquid Short Term Investment to Park Money ?

Option : Crypto Lending against Collateral with 9-12% Dollar Returns and daily liquidity


Read about them :

Goal: Want to Invest in Gold at deep discount?


GoldFinX ( GoldMining Life Time Royalty with discount)

Read about it: Invest in Goldmine Royalty (10X gold accumulation of Initial Investment)

Goal: Want to invest in top European Real Estate and Business Lending Platform?


  • Crowdestor @ 15% Euro Returns (5$ and get 0.5% cashback using the link)
  • Evostate @ 11% Euro Returns (get 0.5% cashback using the link)
  • EstateGuru @12% (get 0.5% cashback using the link)
  • Bulkestate @ 13% (0.5% cashback using Link)
  • PeerBerry @ 11% (buy back guarantee P2P)
  • Seedrs  @ 30% (Startup Investing global,get 25 Euro bonus when you invest 150 Euro)

Goal : Wanna trade/invest in Crypto in India using INR?

Option: Wazirx Register free on cheapest platform in India

Invest in Crypto Hedge Fund if you are a beginner :

Hedge your Crypto Exposure using derivative on  Deribit

Goal: Short Term investment in bluechip Invoice?

Option: TradeCred @ 13-14% for 2-3 Months invoices in amazon,ITC etc.

Goal: Investment in Corporate Bonds in India?

Option: Golden PI , top corporate bonds (HDFC etc ) at attractive yield(8-14%)

Goal: Looking for generating high yield and diversification?

Option : Top P2P Lending Platforms :

Goal: Want to Learn trading from other Traders (Stocks,ETF,currency,Crypto)

Option: ETORO TRADING ACCOUNT  Most Popular copytrading platform (get 50$ bonus)

Goal: Invest in Global Stocks ETFs and REIT at low cost?

Option :

Goal: One Platform for Trading and Investing in Indian Equity/MF?

Option: Upstox trading account with unique features for option trading