Alternative Investments in India & Abroad

I have been investing in several alternative investment platforms across the globe to diversify and earn passive income. Over the last 5 years, I have generated a net return of >18% on my Portfolio of investments and trading strategies with calculated risk.

Alternative Investment

I share all my insights and firsthand experiences on this blog. If you are new to alternative investments, start with this post!

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Alternative Investment Types in India

Generate 2-3x Returns then Fixed Deposits

Indian Investment Platforms

Ideal for beginners as a starting point. Someone who is from India and wants to create an alternative investment portfolio. The following are the top alternative investment platforms in India.

PlatformDescriptionMinimum InvestmentAvg ReturnsDetailed Review
Jiraaf(Altgraaf)All in one platform for Alternative Investment Opportunities-corporate bonds, invoice discounting, asset leasing, etc.Rs.10000012-20%Jiraaf( Altgraaf) Review
TradeCredInvest in invoices of bluechip companiesRs.5000012-13%TradeCred Review
Platform to Invest in Pre-Tax leasing, Invoice DiscountingRs 50,00012-20%Tapinvest(LeafRound )Review
Grip InvestInvest in physical assets like Ebikes, equipment's leased to startups and large companiesRs.2000012-13% (Tax Exempted)Grip Invest Review
Wint WealthInvest in Covered Bonds offered by various regulated companiesRs.1000010-11%Wint Wealth Review
AltifiInvest in High Yield BondsRs.500010-13% Altifi Review
KlubworksRevenue based financing to popular and funded Indian startupsRs.25000017-24%Klubworks Review
LendboxP2P Loans, Invoice Discounting, Settlement Financing Opportunities Rs.10000

10-14%Lendbox Review

Apart from the above-mentioned platforms, several other platforms and alternative Investment Strategies are worth investing in India. Most of them are listed below.

PlatformDescriptionAvg ReturnsDetailed Review
BetterInvestInvest in Movie Rights (Use Code TXRHTH to get early access)18%Betterinvest Review
Altius Investech
India’s biggest unlisted Shares platformEquity ExposureAltius Review
Invoice Discounting, Bonds and Digital Gold12-14%KredX Review
LiquiloansSecure peer to peer lending9-11%Liquiloans Review
India's first P2P with physical branches and only women loan16-18%IndiaP2P Review
Buy 1 Square Feet of Land online12-20%ALTDRX Review
Oldest P2P platform in India
(Referral code discount50@i2i)
13-16%I2Ifunding Review
High Yield Real Estate Platform( Use Code PX64XW to get 0.5%)15-16%Earnnest Review

Upcoming Platforms

Below is a list of new and upcoming platforms which can offer high returns. If you are already invested in Alternative Investments and are looking to add new products you can check out the below list.

PlatformDescriptionMinimum InvestmentAvg ReturnsDetailed Review
SustvestInvest in Green Assets such as Solar PanelsRs.500010-14%Sustvest Review
AlyfFractional Holiday Homes InvestmentRs.10,00,00013-17%Alyf Review
Incred MoneyMulti Asset Alternative Investing PlatformRs.100,00012-20%Incred Money Review
UpcideFractional Assets Investment (use Promo code MR630878)Rs.100,00012-13% (Tax Exempted)Upcide Review
LeasifyLeasing Investment with Pretax ReturnRs.10000015-23%Leasify Review
WisexFractional Real Estate Investment(earlier Myre)Rs.100000010-15% Wisex Review
Capitall.ClubSME funding P2PRs.1000015%Capitall Club Review
LendPartnerzInvoice discounting to blue chip companiesRs. 100,00015%Lend Partnerz Review
13 Karat P2P platform with short term loansRs. 50013%13Karat Review

Borrow Against Mutual Funds

You can borrow against your mutual funds to meet liquidity or enhance returns based on your requirement. Check out the instant Eligibility Calculator

Algo Trading  Strategies

Month(2023) April  May  June July  Aug  Sep
Return 2% 1.30% 1% 4% 5% 4.50%

Over the last 5 years, I have tested multiple algorithms for trading. The reason for options trading to generate yield is

  • You don’t need to deploy cash, you can pledge your existing stocks and mutual funds to trade. It’s like zero-cost funding for your business
  • You can generate returns in any market conditions, hence a bull market is not required.
  • You can generate cash flow which can be deployed in long-term assets.

Below is the verified Performance of my portfolio. To get a detailed understanding of how I run the algo reach out on telegram

Zerodha Console Verified

Investors interested in testing Algo trading with smaller capital can use Tradetron

Global Alternative Investments

Spread out risk and invest with alternative investment platforms across the globe

Global Alternative Investment Platforms

Suggested for intermediates once you have invested in the alternative investment funds in India mentioned in the previous section.

Platform NameDescriptionMinimum InvestmentAvg Returns
EstateGuruEurope’s best platform for Real Estate backed Lending50 Euro10-12%
EvostateAggregator of top Real Estate back Lending Platform50 Euro10-13%
Heavyfinance P2P Loans secured by Farm Machinery50 Euro11-14%
LendermarketP2P Platform with Buy Back Guarantee and Short term loans10 Euro14%
PeerBerryAnother great P2P Platform with buyback guarantee50 Euro11-12%
Reinvest24Invest in fractional Real Estate in Europe50 Euro12-14%
RaisonPre IPO investment in top global company50 Euro20-30%

Investing in Crypto Currency 

Investing in Crypto- RandomDimes

To invest in a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and several altcoins, you need to create an account with either one of the following crypto exchanges from India. Once you have made an account with the exchanges, deposit INR using your bank account, buy stablecoin USDT (similar to USD), and use it to buy/invest in crypto assets of your choice. You can also choose to copy top Altcoin traders or trade derivatives

NameDescriptionDetailed Review
IconomiCopy Top Traders Altcoin Portfolio automaticallyIconomi Review
DeribitCrypto Option Trading PlatformDeribit Review
BinanceLargest Crypto Exchange

About Me

The author is a finance enthusiast who enjoys exploring innovative asset classes and platforms. With an experience of 13+ years in derivative trading strategies, portfolio construction, derivative overlays, and quantitative tax optimization.

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