Pyse Review – High Yield Green Investing

Pyse Review

Pyse is a fintech alternate investment platform that let your money grow( > 12% post tax yield) while letting you invest in a cleaner and greener future. Unlike ESG funds, the environmental impact created by you is tracked and made visible to you every month. You can become carbon neutral through your investments. Even small investment of INR 5000 can make you carbon neutral in 2 year. Pyse allows you to own green assets which can generate 12-15% yield post tax. They also provide liquidity after a small lockin period.

Type of Investment on Pyse

Pyse has 2 types of assets viz ;Long Term like Solar Projects or Short/Medium like Electric Vehicle Ownership. All projects come with buyback after a small lockin period. Unlike GRIP Invest, Pyse only focus on green assets.

The investment is INR 5000 which gives everyone an opportunity to test

Pyse Assets

Solar Project on Pyse

Pyse Solar Projects

Features of Solar Project

  • Fixed annual rate of return like fixed deposits but higher yield and tax efficient
  • Investments are not affected by market conditions and thus is less volatile
  • Positive Impact Investing in solar projects help greening the environment and create new jobs

Electric Vehicle on Pyse

Pyse Electric Vehicle

In Pyse, you can invest into battery packs that power electric vehicles to get returns as high as 14-16% annually, tax free

Team Introduction

Pyse Team

Risk Management

  • Bank guarantee for 6-12 months cashflow
  • Buyback available after 6 months lockin
  • Detailed credit analysis of Deals
Pyse Risk Management

Performance Analysis Matrix

Pyse Due Dilligence

Analysis of Latest Deal-Tata Communications

Pyse Tata communication

Tata Communication deal comprise solar module that will be used by them for their business and technology operations in Bangalore.

Risk Analysis

Tata Risk
Tata Credit Risk

Revenue Analysis

Pyse Revenue

Environmental Positive Impact

Pyse impact

Registering on Pyse

The process is very straightforward. Use the Pyse Link to get cashback of INR 1000 on your first deal. Or you can alternately add the code RANDOMDIMES01 while registering to get cashback. Complete the KYC and you are all set to start.


I have invested in one of the project It is a unique platform which not only provides high yield which is tax efficient but also help in positively impacting the environment. I will be updating the latest offerings and my portfolio performance in my monthly review reports.

2 thoughts on “Pyse Review – High Yield Green Investing”

  1. Any reason no updates on Pyse on your own portfolio? Have invested in multiple investments with them, with repayments on time till now. But deal inflow is slow. Any alternative to pyse?

    • Hi Rahul, Pyse is on time for me too!
      They haven’t been doing a lot of deals lately hence I was not updating. They are soon going to revamp the platform as per my latest discussion


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