P2P Loan Borrowing Comparison(with Fees)

Lot of people want to  borrow money online. With so many P2P platform available it becomes very difficult to assess where we can get the best deal. I have prepared a comparison of various P2P borrowing Platform charges. Fees for each Interest rate category is given   Rupee circle is the best platform for a … Read more

P2P lending Platform Fees Comparison

When it comes to investing in P2P platforms I have covered various aspects related to calculation of returns and factoring of defaults .One important factor in choosing a platform and duration loan I would want to add is Platform fees! How is the Fees calculated? Each platform  has its own method of levying the charges.Some … Read more

Credit Risk Funds Portfolio

I have been publishing my P2P portfolio every month .Another arsenal people can add to their investment portfolio is Credit Risk Fund. Why to use? Everybody does not have a 10-15 year horizon which is the requirement for  an equity portfolio to get decent returns.Even then a large cap fund will not deliver more than … Read more

P2P Portfolio Analytics(December’2018)

Wish you all a very happy new Year I am publishing my latest P2P returns and performance.Will also provide comparison with my last month portfolio performance.I have evaluated more than 10-11 platforms before investing in these Portfolio Synopsis: I have been  investing in 3 platforms actively for the past 12 months. I have added couple … Read more

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