12% IRR Fractional Real Estate Opportunity- Live!

Fractional Real Estate has bridged the gap to purchase attractive Commercial Real Estate Opportunities. Now, those with a minimum of Rs 25 lakh can now own a portion of ‘Grade-A’ commercial real estate in large cities and industrial hubs that include IT (information technology) parks, office spaces in posh locations and warehouses that are leased … Read more

Tyke Review -Startup Investing Platform

Tyke (use code RDAI20 while investing to get 20% discount) is India’s first online platform for making small investments in the  startups. Tyke allows investments as low as INR 5000 in startups thus providing access to retail investors which till now was not possible Angel Investing Explained Angel Investing is a class of investment which … Read more

Bharatpe 12% Club Review

Bharatpe has recently come up with 12% Club Interest Account Product called 12% Club. The interest rate is decent considering the traditional products these days offer 3-4%. Review of the platform : 12% Club Product Features BharatPe business Analysis Risk and Reward of the Product Comparison with Cred and other Interest Products 12% Club Product … Read more

How to be successful at Trading ?

There are numerous courses on Trading Success . I have covered many strategies and books in the past. People think it’s free lunch but like all business it works best for those  who manage it with discipline .Learning to trade can help you to generate above average returns and also an additional source of income. … Read more

LegalPay Review – Litigation Financing Platform

Legalpay is India’s first platform which offers Litigation funding as an asset class. Legalpay (Use Promo code FV48G4 to get gift) provides a marketplace that connects investors  with plaintiffs and law firms who have strong cases and need capital to win those cases. The platform expects 20-25% IRR for the investors What is Litigation Finance? … Read more

Winvesta Multi Currency Account Review

Winvesta has launched India’s first Multi Currency Account .Until now this service was restricted to the high networth people . Winvesta (Winvesta Promocode), is a financial services firm headquartered and regulated in the UK, through its Indian operations has launched the country’s first multi-currency account. The account enables Indian residents to diversify and hold their … Read more

Fintelum Review – Tokenized European Investment

  Fintelum is a crowdfunding platform for high growth businesses and value real-estate projects sourced in Latvia and Europe. Fintelum showcases alternative investments in primary issuance and aftermarket to global participants in cryptocurrencies and fiat. It ensures all projects follow full compliance with the European KYC/AML laws. Investors can participate and invest in fully regulated … Read more

How to buy a Health Insurance Plan?

Why do we even need  Health Insurance? How are these insurance companies making profit ? Are we being taken for a ride? It’s very important to understand how insurance business works to appreciate that insurance can be a win-win situation for customer as well as the Insurance company. Any portfolio is incomplete without health Insurance! … Read more