P2P starting Manual

For someone who has never invested in P2P, starting from scratch is a hassle. I have written down the process and strategy for a beginner. How to Open an account : As of now I am actively investing in 4 Platforms I2I Funding LendenClub RupeeCircle CashKumar Some of the platform I had evaluated and stopped … Read more

Optimisation of Investment (Part 2)

In Part 1 I covered how important is to manage expense and track them religiously ( Managing Expense ) In Part 2  I am covering Investment Allocation Liquidity Management Investment Allocation :  Somebody tells you about some great investment product. What do you do? You put some money into it .Does this change the outcome of your … Read more

Optimisation of Investment

People keep asking me which is the best mutual fund? Which is the best stock in long term? Will Crypto make it big? Is Real Estate better than Stock ? Is P2P lending good? I should be honest about it that I dont know the exact answers of these questions ! I can only predict … Read more

P2P portfolio Analytics( Feb 2019)

This month I have completed  1.5 years investing in P2P lending platforms. Overall the experience has been good. There were some hiccups though in the form of selecting good platforms,choosing category of loans but with experience you learn from your mistakes.  Today I will compare my  latest portfolio performance with the other asset classes for … Read more

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