Iconomi Review – Invest in Altcoin Strategies

Iconomi is a cryptocurrency investment platform that allows users to invest in professionally managed index funds tracking the performance of various cryptocurrencies. It aims to make crypto investing easy and accessible for beginners while also providing useful portfolio management tools for experienced investors. Iconomi essentially serves as a one-stop shop for crypto asset allocation, portfolio … Read more

Best Copy Trading Platform:EToro

Lately lot of people keep asking me to tell them my trades. The problem is trading is very dynamic and is not possible to copy my exact trades .As I understand lot of people are new to the world of trading. They have 3 main problems: How to trade various asset classes? How to Learn … Read more

Equity Option Trading Upstox

Option Trading is both a science and art. Options give you a way to perfectly play your market view which is not possible with future or cash position. I will start publishing weekly strategies with risk and reward for each of them. Before starting that it’s essential to lay down the background of options and … Read more

Portfolio Analysis May’20

US Market is a case study in itself. Great Depression-era levels of unemployment. An economy in downward spiral. More than 100,000 dead from a killer virus. Cities in flames amid widespread civil unrest. And a stock market that marches ever higher. The recent U.S. market turmoil from the coronavirus pandemic feels like eons ago. The S&P 500 cratered … Read more

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