Best REIT Mutual Funds in India

REIT Mutual funds are investment vehicles that provide exposure to a portfolio of REITs.  REITs (Real Estate Investment Trust) invest in income-generating real estate properties. A REIT invests the money sourced from investors and distributes the income it generates via its property investments in the form of dividends. In this post, let us understand what … Read more

Fi Money Review

Neobanks are one of the emerging trends in the financial world. They are becoming quite popular in India- especially among youngsters. Fi Money is one such popular neobank in India. In this article, let us undertake a detailed Fi Money review to help you understand what it is and how it works. What is Fi … Read more

Wint Wealth Review – 2 Year Experience

Wint Wealth has become widely popular with Indian investors. It provides access to a high-yield asset class that was only available to High Net Worth individuals till now. It is a significant step to democratize alternative investments in India and provide diversification opportunities to investors. In this Wint Wealth Review, let us understand the platform … Read more

Alternative Investment Portfolio -November 2021

Bitcoin had its worst-performing week since May as it slumped below 57k while Ethereum also struggled dipping below 4k. The steep sell-off — without a clear catalyst aside from technical factors — drove $883 million in liquidations on Wednesday. Most alts followed suit to fall over 10%, with the notable exception of some metaverse tokens … Read more

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