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TradeTron is an algo trading marketplace that helps you create & automate your strategies, backtest them and also sell them to traders and investors all over the world. While most platforms I have invested in are investment based like Klubworks,Finzy , Tradeced ,GrowFix and Grip Invest ; this is a cloud-based algorithmic trading platform 

Tradetron Introduction

TradeTron is cloud-native which means you do not need to install any software to do any of the above things. All you need is an internet connection and a browser to access Tradetron. Your strategy conditions are checked by the distributed computing devices in the cloud and executed within a blink of an eye.

  1. Create and Backtest your strategy
  2. Fully automate your strategy rules
  3. Subscribe to others’ strategies from their marketplace
  4. Sell your strategy as a subscription

Why Do Most Trader fail?

Did it not ever come to your mind that if you are always losing money what if you took exactly opposite decision of what you want to trade, will you make money?!!

Trading psychology

Well you will still lose money. Not because you are bad at picking trades but because you let emotions take over.

trading without stoploss

Tradetron  has created an ecosystem where you can  create automated strategies  and seamlessly connect  to any broker. You can also replicate any top performing strategy


 Lets think in terms of who all contributes to entire ecosystem for algo:

  • Brokers
  • Strategy Creators
  • Investors

1) Brokers

Tradetron already has all the big online brokers starting from Zerodha, Upstox ,etc. You can find most of the brokers . It can connect to any broker as it is built on open architecture .

2) Strategy Developers

As strategy developer the best part is that you don’t need to learn complicated coding language and that’s the biggest USP for tradetron. You can actually fire orders in options based on technical parameters like RSI, Bollinger Bands etc. Once you have robust strategies you can put up in marketplace for traders to subscribe. Also manage the billing cycle of traders.

3) Investors 

Traders are always in hunt for new strategies and tradetron marketplace helps you to do exactly the same. It helps you find strategies based on criteria like exchanges, instruments, style of algo and capital required. You can subscribe to the strategies and paper trade for a while before you can go live. This also helps you build confidence in the strategy.

Features of Tradetron

Below are some noteworthy features of Tradetron which makes it a great automated trading platform:

Simple Strategy Builder

You can configure any strategy in Tradetron without writing a single line of code. A strategy can be organized into multiple setswith each set having its own entry/exit conditions. Moreover, the strategy rules can be applied to a single instrument, a basket of instruments (like Nifty 50), or a custom watchlist

TradeTron Position Builder

Effortless Backtesting

Once you configure your strategy conditions in Tradetron, it can be backtested by clicking a button from the strategy page itself.

Tradetron strategy

You get a detailed report of what the strategy was doing on each day of the backtesting period. Hence the report can be used to evaluate your strategy.

Copy Top Traders on Tradetron

You can just click on subscribe and copy top traders. Then you can check their historical performance. You can also paper trade their strategies till you are confident

Tradetron strategy

You can check the statistics of performance also

Tradetron reviews

How to Get Started with Tradetron?

Step 1: Create a new Tradetron Account

Follow this link and click on the “Sign Up button on the top right. Enter your primary details to register. You also have an option to Sign in through Facebook or Google account.

Tradetron Sign Up

Step 2: Purchase a subscription plan (optional for paper trading)

Once you are logged in, click on your user name on the top right and then click on “Subscriptions”. On the next page click on the “change plan” option. Chose a plan as per your requirements and complete the payment. We would recommend starting with the Retail plan and select the yearly option to save up to 20-30% on the overall amount.

Step 3: Add a broker (optional for paper trading)

Click on your user name on the top right and then click on “Brokers and Exchanges”. On the next page click on the “Add Broker” option. Add the broker details appropriately and click on the “Save” button.

Tradetron Add Broker

Step 4a: Create a Strategy (If you want to automate your own strategy rules)

Now comes the interesting part. You can create your strategy in Tradetron by selecting Strategies –> Create from the top menu bar after logging in.

You’ll need to enter the basic strategy details and its entry-exit condition

TradeTron Create Startegy 14
TradeTron Create Startegy 15

Step 4b: Copy a strategy from marketplace

You can backtest and papertrade the strategy before committing real money

tradetron return

Step 5: Deploy a Strategy

Deploying a strategy means activating it for live trading. To deploy, you’ll need to provide the below details on the deployment page:

  1. Multiplier – Denotes your position size. Default is 1x which means the minimum position size specified by the strategy creator is used.
  2. Execution Type – You have 4 options here – Live Auto, Live Auto – One Click, Live Offline, Paper Trading. See descriptions of these options on the “Execution Types” subheading in this article.
  3. Broker – All your added brokers will show up in the dropdown. Select the one that you want to use for this strategy. For paper trading, the broker is defaulted to “TT Paper Trading”.
Tradetron Deploy Strategy

Once the strategy is successfully deployed, you are good to go. Verify if the trades are correctly executed during market hours. You will get notifications for all the trades.

Tradetron Subscription Fee / Pricing

Tradetron subscription is offered at a nominal price for the features it offers. It starts at 1000 INR per month for the Retail plan and goes up to 15000 INR per month for the institutional plan. For the US market, it ranges from $50 to $475 per month.

Tradetron Pricing

There is also a free plan (0 INR) that allows you to do paper trading and create 1 private strategy. We recommend starting with the Retail plan as it contains all the needed features to fully automate your strategy. Retail+ plan is also good if your strategy requires continuous condition checking. (For retail plan strategy conditions are checked every 1 minute).

There is an additional 18% GST that is levied on top of the listed price. credit card, net banking, or UPI can be used for payment.

Tradetron Payment Page 21

There is no additional data cost or VPS cost involved on top of the subscription fee. However, if you want to subscribe to any of the existing strategies from the marketplace, it may attract some additional fees which you can find on the strategy page.

What makes Tradetron Different?

Certainly, there are several automated trading platforms out in the market. But how does Tradetron stand out among all of them?

  • Tradetron is cloud-native, which means you do not need to install any software to operate it.
  • Tradetron offers seamless connectivity to numerous brokers without writing any single piece of code.
  • At Tradetron, you can create a strategy, backtest it, and also automate the execution. There is hardly any platform which offers all 3 features,
  • Tradetron allows you to subscribe to others’ strategies through a marketplace, it’s like a win-win situation for both strategy creators and subscribers.
  • You can trade in Indian as well as US markets through one platform. Furthermore, you can trade on multiple instruments, currencies, and exchanges. The list is growing every day!


Algorithmic/automated trading has become critical for success in financial markets. Every retail trader has to adapt to this new way of trading sooner or later.Taking out emotions from a strategy is must for long term profitability. And platforms like TradeTron has made this easier and faster.

TradeTron contains everything that you require to start your algorithmic trading journey. Its patent-pending technology requires a minimum learning curve. However one needs to first backtest and paper trade before launching any strategy or copying a top trader from marketplace

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