Land Investment in India: A Lucrative Opportunity ?

India’s real estate sector offers diverse investment opportunities, including residential, industrial, commercial properties, and the rawest form of property: land. Let’s take a detailed look at the land investment opportunity in the country.  Why Should One Invest in Land? Investing in land in India offers several compelling benefits, making it an attractive asset class for … Read more

Tyke Wealth Review – Invoice Discounting Platform

Alternative investments are more popular today than ever before. This popularity and increased attractiveness are fuelled by alternative investment platforms that democratize assets that were once restricted to institutional investors and high-net-worth individuals. One such investment platform is Tyke, which has made it possible for the average retail investor to invest in early-stage startups and … Read more

Alternative Investment Updates – May 2024

June will be a significant month for the market due to the upcoming Lok Sabha elections Analyzing the impact of elections on the Indian stock market reveals intriguing trends. While markets typically demonstrate a subdued response to election results on the counting day, exceptions exist, notably in 2004 and 2009. In those years, the market … Read more

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