WintWealth Aryadhan Bond-10.5% IRR

With an aim of democratizing debt assets in India, WintWealth ensures that as investors, you know the assets as much as they do. Founded by a passionate team and backed by marquee investors like Nithin Kamath and Kunal Shah, WintWealth makes it a point to list assets that reap the maximum returns for the investors.  … Read more

Lofty-Tokenized Fractional Real Estate

Lofty.AI is an innovative fractional real estate platform that allows you to invest in properties in the USA. The platform uses blockchain technology to create tokenized investment opportunities in Real Estate. Tokenization is a solution that divides the ownership of an asset (such as a building) into digital tokens. These tokens act as “shares”, and … Read more

FTX Review – Crypto Derivative Trading

FTX is one of the biggest global crypto derivative platforms with the most sophisticated features among all crypto exchanges.FTX also offers borrowing and lending of many cryptos, access to leveraged tokens and NFTs, and trading challenges and leaderboards. Over 300 cryptocurrencies are currently offered on FTX, with more being evaluated and added on a regular … Read more

Top 5 Best Alternative Investment Options in India

The experience over the past couple of years amid the Covid-19 pandemic has brought to the fore the importance of investing in India. Indeed, investment plans did exist for a long time, however, the importance has grown manifold since 2020. Similarly, there has been a growing emphasis on alternative investments in the country. I have … Read more

Alternative Investment Portfolio- March’2022

Rate hike
March was a  good month for most investors.In spite of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, coupled with the hawkish Fed signal of multiple rate hikes over the coming months, markets have recovered across asset classes. Bond investors, however, are reeling from losses due to yields going up and much of the rebound in equities can be explained by investors pivoting more heavily into stocks which are viewed as more resilient to inflation. This is also an argument for why gold did well this week.

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