Tradecred- My 3 Year Investment Experience

Having started my investment in 2018, it’s almost close to 3 years of investing in TradeCred (Free Link).I started at the same time as Kredx investment TradeCred has been a very good experience for me and I have to applaud the platform for it, considering we faced Covid-19 which was 6 sigma risk event for … Read more

Finzy 2 Year Review – P2P Lending

My Finzy portfolio has been different from I2IFunding (Code “discount50@i2i” ) and Rupee Circle in terms of the creditworthiness of the borrowers. While RupeeCircle had mostly high yield lower creditworthy loans FINZY has a good chunk of prime loans in its offering In good times and economic boom phases, low credit investment provides higher rewards as … Read more

i2ifunding Review :Peer to Peer Lending

I have been investing in i2ifunding for P2P Lending for more than 3 years now My P2P portfolio was mainly concentrated in 3 platforms Apart from Rupee Circle(free code PIND145 ) the other 2 platform which had provided stable yields in the past were : I2IFunding  (discount50@i2i”  for discount) FINZY To know about their Fees and … Read more

RupeeCircle Review : Covid Impact and Recovery

Last Update: 30 September 2021 Ever since writing this post, Rupeecircle has undergone a management change. I have stopped my reinvestments in Rupeecircle until things stabilize at the platform end. You can consider alternative investment platforms in India like Finzy (P2P), Tradeced (Invoice Discounting), Wint Wealth (Covered Bonds) and Grip Invest (Asset Backed Investments) to … Read more

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