Liquid Fund vs Arbitrage Fund

If it comes down to choosing Between the two : Arbitrage Fund wins hands down. Let’s take example for people who are in 30% tax slab as it will make the difference more stark. Why do you use Liquid Fund?  1. Liquidity As the name suggest people use it for liquidity. If you take out money … Read more

Review of OMLP2P

People who have been investing in P2P for a while would agree how difficult it becomes beyond a point to find new borrowers.The only way to tackle is to find more platforms and spread your capital across them.In this process I have recently started investing in OMLP2P . It is too early to comment how … Read more

How to buy Corporate Bonds Online?

When it comes to investing in Debt most people look into only 2 options: Fixed Deposit Debt Mutual Funds Though these have their own advantages which I have covered earlier, one thing which they lack is liquidity . You end up paying either an exit fees or you have to wait till a stipulated period. … Read more

P2P Platform Analysis (April,2019)

This month I have made some significant changes in my portfolio. I will be adding  a new P2P platform from this month called OMLP2P I have decided to stop my “unidentified risk” category investment in Lendenclub I will cover the rationale in detail .Let me start with the current month allocation and performance stats Portfolio … Read more

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