List of platforms we found suspicious or below-par performance of our invested capital. I may update the table based on new information

Name Reason
LendenclubPoor performance of my portfolio; negative returns
- Net Loss of 20% + on my own Capital
- Not much efforts by collection team
- Launched new product and no information on old money stuck
RupeecirclePoor performance of my portfolio; negative returns
- Lost more than 20% Capital
- Collection effort below par,poor response from platform
Credit BullsLooks Suspicious, no information on business model
- Guaranteed Return promise
- Not enough Information about founders
Falcons Invoice Discounting- Business model doesnt look convincing, '
- Registered as security protection company
- Management information not provided
- Founders related to crypto platform
- No details of vendor
Kisaan Parivar- Model doesnt seems convincing
- Guaranteed income of 36%
- Not much information about founding team
- Business model not explained
Invoice Trades- Similar business like Falcon
- Ex employees of Falcon
GHL India- Not enough information about founders
- Company providing mortgage on the same asset it is developing
- Management information not present
- Projects look weak
My Cloud Particle- No Information on Business model
- Key Team member have not much information online
- No Information on Structure of deals
Talkcharge-RBI has asked to stop all operations and account has been frozen
CityDhanCapital- Website mentions assured 2% month return
- No Founder or Team information

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