Best Crypto Saving Accounts for 2020 upto 12% Interest

Last few months many crypto interest account were covered in multiple posts .It becomes confusing when each platform offers a different unique feature. To make life easy for everyone best platform in each category has been selected With traditional brick-and-mortar banks offering dismally low-interest rates on savings accounts, it might just be the right time … Read more

Portfolio Dissection and Yield Enhancement

How often do you  hear your friends asking for stock tips!and then there are people who are always looking for the next multibagger! Well there is no harm in it but what equity we choose has little impact on our portfolio compared to our overall asset allocation and our saving discipline. 1% of a multibagger … Read more

Litigation Finance Investment Opportunities

What is Litigation finance? In a nutshell, the idea is to fund plaintiffs and law firms in cases where it looks like there will be a winning ruling. When everything goes the right way, the capital that helps fund the lawsuits is returned — and then some — in return for the risk taken People … Read more

Portfolio Analysis-August

Market Outlook : India’s GDP growth fell to a lower-than-expected -23.9% y-o-y in Q2 (Consensus: -18.0%, Nomura: -15.2%) vs 3.1% in Q1, led by a steep decline in domestic demand, and reflecting the impact of India’s stringent lockdowns! Markets have pretty much ignored all the negative signs ! I have been cutting the amount of … Read more

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