Lendbox Per Annum Review -11% Low Risk Product


Lendbox is one of the largest P2P players in India. I have been using Lendbox for Settlement Finance and Gold Loan Products. Recently Lendbox has come up with a new product- Per Annum in collaboration with UNI Cards which provides loans to people with the best credit history.

What is Lendbox Per Annum?

Per Annum is an investment product by Lendbox. At Per Annum, they enable lending to the top 2% of India’s most creditworthy people. Borrowers on Lendbox Per Annum are sourced through Tier 1 partners like UNI Cards. These companies are top-order credit risk managers catering to those with unblemished repayment histories. The Lendbox platform will continue to operate as it always has, with a blend of investment products offering returns that vary with degrees of risk.

What is UNI Card?

Unicard Is an innovative buy now pay later card which provides credit to people with impeccable credit history. The company has already secured 18.5 Million USD funding. Lendbox has tied up with UNI to provide financing to its users.

Per Annum

How Does Per Annum Work?

Per Annum follows best-in-industry underwriting practices with stringent cut-offs for credit scores as well as repayment history. On average, borrowers accepted for financing via Per Annum have a credit score of 780 or above with regular repayment histories spanning 5+ years. Our Partners, who aid us with loan collection in addition to risk assessment, also have on-ground fleets of collection agents in all cities where their borrowers reside. Alternative data, income, and spending behavior are other important parameters while assessing borrowers for Per Annum.

When you invest with us, your money is deployed directly to highly creditworthy borrowers sourced through our Partners, after our P2P algorithm divides it into thousands of little chunks. People repay in installments of 3, 6, 12, or 18 months. You earn interest for as long as your money remains invested with us.

There are two products being offered in Per Annum:

  • Interest: Upto 11% Per Annum.
  • Minimum Tenure: 12 Months.
  • Minimum Investment: 1 Lakh

How To Invest in Lendbox Per Annum?

You can use the Lendbox Link below and register. Joining fees are waived for the people using the link. Once you have registered you can choose Per Annum in the Loan Category

Lendbox Joining Fee Waiver


In this Lendbox Per Annum review, we have covered complete information about their latest product- Per Annum. This is another low-risk product offering from Lendbox apart from Settlement Financing. You can earn interest of up to 11% with fixed tenure and up to 9.5% with flexible tenure.

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  1. Hi – I don’t see this Per Annum Plan on Lendbox website. Has it been discontinued?


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