How much Diversification is enough in P2P Lending?

A lot has been written about diversification in peer to peer lending, including on this site .It is the most important factor in P2P lending. Beginner investors sometimes pay too much attention to the details of each individual loan, occasionally forgetting to simply diversify their investment across hundreds of loans. Many get really frustrated after few … Read more

Creating Liquidity Using P2P lending

One Important feature of P2P lending is that it pays EMI which is sum of the principal Invested and Interest. I had covered how it can be used as an emergency fund in one of my earlier article. Today I will  demonstrate how to get a ball park figure of  your  liquidity and how … Read more

REIT vs Real Estate

What  is A REIT? REIT stands for Real Estate Investment Trust REITs are securities linked to real estate that can be traded on stock exchanges once they get listed. The structure of REITs is similar to that of a mutual fund. Just like mutual funds, there are sponsors, trustees, fund managers and unit holders in … Read more

Model Portfolio Performance

There are 2 Kind of people : Who believe you can’t time the market Who believe you should invest in market only when it’s undervalued. Both are correct to an extent , though it’s not impossible to time market but to do it consistently is impossible but it is possible to  improve your odds of  … Read more

Real Estate vs Mutual Funds

Its not an apple to apples comparison ! POINT 1: House Return = Residential property Return + Your house Buying Skill Let’s first start comparing Real Estate Return with Broad stock market Return I have written few answers on this ,how the end results is determined by many factors Without Leverage Real Estate Return = … Read more

P2P Portfolio Analytics (March ,2019)

With the growing size of the book finding volume becomes  important and I will have to look for more platforms which can provide good risk adjusted returns. Any suggestions are welcome! I have compiled my latest portfolio performance with NPA Initially for the first 7-8 Months  realising NPA and delinquency was a challenge .If you … Read more

Create a Risk Free Fixed Deposit Portfolio

Most Short duration and Liquid Funds are marketed as instruments which provide higher liquidity than FD and slightly higher yield. This is a myth because: Short term (below <3 year) Debt funds are taxed at your tax slab which means it could be as high as 30%. No matter how safe a debt fund claim … Read more

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