Klub – Asset Financing Investment

Portfolio diversification is the golden rule of personal finance management. The turbulence in the stock markets – with the Sensex having fallen over 10% since April ‘22 – has brought this maxim back into focus. But Indian investors have it tough. On one hand, there is no evidence that stock markets have bottomed out. On … Read more

WintWealth Slice NCD-11.5% XIRR

WintWealth has recently listed a new deal on the platform. It is a senior secured unlisted Slice NCD offering 11.5% XIRR. The term “senior” in a senior secured bond indicates that bondholders enjoy the senior-most priority to get repaid in case the NBFC defaults.I have evaluated the deal based on the below parameters. WintWealth Slice … Read more

Alternative Investment Portfolio -April 2022

  April had a very nervous outlook for the traditional and crypto markets. The spread of covid in China, expected steep interest rate hikes in the US, rising inflation, and the Russia-Ukraine war are adding to concerns about global economic growth. Inflation woes can already be seen in rising commodity and food prices.   Cryptocurrency … Read more

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