Alternative Investment Portfolio -2022

Wish you all a very Happy New Year! 2022 was not the best year for most of the asset classes. Cryptocurrency and VC funds were the worst-performing assets in 2022 with a steep fall in valuation. Indian equities bucked the trend and have been an outlier this year, with the benchmark indices Nifty delivering positive … Read more

Alternative Investment Portfolio – Sep 2022

This month was quite eventful for the global economy keeping all asset classes volatile.UK’s economic decline has spiraled into a currency crisis, threatening to expose the fragility of global efforts to crush inflation. Events like Russia’s default in 1998 and, more recently, Greece’s debt crisis highlights that individual events can trigger wider financial turmoil. Rates … Read more

Alternative Investment Portfolio -August 2022

This month the world’s leading economic authorities sounded the alarm about the forces working against the Federal Reserve, European Central Bank, and other central banks as they combat the worst inflation in decades. A  shallow, but the long, recession that stretches over five quarters in the US, and a much deeper recession in Europe is … Read more

Alternative Investment Portfolio -April 2022

  April had a very nervous outlook for the traditional and crypto markets. The spread of covid in China, expected steep interest rate hikes in the US, rising inflation, and the Russia-Ukraine war are adding to concerns about global economic growth. Inflation woes can already be seen in rising commodity and food prices.   Cryptocurrency … Read more

Alternative Investment Portfolio- March’2022

Rate hike
March was a  good month for most investors.In spite of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, coupled with the hawkish Fed signal of multiple rate hikes over the coming months, markets have recovered across asset classes. Bond investors, however, are reeling from losses due to yields going up and much of the rebound in equities can be explained by investors pivoting more heavily into stocks which are viewed as more resilient to inflation. This is also an argument for why gold did well this week.

Read more

Alternative Investment Portfolio -Feb 2022

This year is turning out to be a crazy volatile ride for most investors. The ongoing Ukraine crisis had a detrimental impact on the global equity market but was instrumental in driving the commodity and crypto prices up. This market behavior really highlights the need to have a diversified portfolio not just across assets but … Read more

Alternative Investment Portfolio – August 2021

Alternative investment including Crypto did well this month however traditional markets were mostly rangebound  as  industrial production numbers from China were disappointing .Delta variant has also put market in a jeopardy . Fed QE tapering plan is adding to the woes of market. The broader crypto market continued its bullish price action over the past … Read more

Alternative Investment Portfolio Performance – July 2021

Alternative Investment and Conventional asset had a volatile month. Almost $1 trillion stock market selloff  was ignited by Beijing’s shock ban on profits at tutoring companies .However ,this is not the first time Chinese regulatory impact has spooked the markets. It gives us a clear perspective how things can change very fast and blind allocation … Read more

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