Calculating Portfolio Return for I2I Funding

I had covered portfolio return computation for lendenClub in last post. Uptill now it was really difficult calculating I2I return using XIRR method and I have to resort to NARR method using R programming.With the release of “My Account ”  feature it has become very easy to calculate portfolio performance. Step1: Calculate the net income … Read more

Calculating Portfolio Return for LendenClub

In my endeavour to create a robust P2P lending portfolio I will cover how I calculate return for my portfolio.I will start with LendenClub and in  the next  few posts will cover rest of the platforms. The return provided on the platform are expected returns and can be misleading.That is a futuristic projection based on … Read more

P2P Portfolio Analytics (January 2019)

In continuation of my blog posts on  P2P returns and performance  I am publishing my  latest quarterly portfolio .  I have steadily increased my exposure across various platforms and my performance has started stabilizing which is a good indicator of Portfolio health due  to diversification. Portfolio Composition December Allocation   January allocation Portfolio Changes: I … Read more