Startup Investing and Buyback Guarantee P2P

Last post I had covered how people can use secured loans to generate high yield.It is a great method to generate above average yield of 11-13%. This post I will cover 2 interesting opportunities in: Venture Capital (20%+ IRR opportunity) International P2P Lending with ultra short duration and buyback guarantee (11% IRR) If you want … Read more

Bankofhodlers – Crypto Interest Account 11.6%

In the past few weeks I had covered many Crypto interest account.Some of the top account were: PLATFORM Description CURRENTRETURN(DOLLARBASED) Celsius Network (download on mobile) and get 10$ bonus   Invest in USDT token 8.70% BLOCK-FI( BlockFi ,get 10$ bonus)   Invest in USDC token 8.60% Youholder  (12%)   Invest in USDT token 12% BTBBNS(get 50BNS coins free) Invest … Read more

International Real Estate Investment

Lot of people are aware of P2P as an asset class to invest for high Returns. One of the drawbacks of P2P is that the loans are unsecured and in case of default there is no collateral to sell. The high yield is thus the cost of taking risk of defaults. For more conservative Investors, … Read more

Portfolio Analysis June’2020

Bloomberg columnist John Authors has called it “the most hated global stock rally in history,” viewed more skeptically than even the decade-long rise that followed the Financial Crisis. But here we are, up nearly 40% in a period that included the biggest 50-day rally on record. Now on one hand Fed has provided unprecedented stimulus … Read more

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