Review of Financepeer P2P Platform

Financepeer is one of the P2P lending Platform which has received NBFC-P2P license. Financepeer Update* Currently due to high default rate I have temporarily discontinued Financepeer .I have been investing in other alternate Investment platform which have been performing really well like Klubworks ,Finzy , Tradeced ,GrowFix and Grip Invest  Background  Financepeer (Use Code MNJ6547) was setup in 2017 and is registered … Read more

12% Return alternative for Corporate FD

Lot of people invest in Corporate FD to gain some extra return over bank FD’s.  We know there is an element of risk as this is a form of unsecured lending and in event of company default capital maybe at risk. There is an alternate solution for people who can make 12%-15% which is much … Read more

P2P Portfolio Analysis (May,2019)

This month I  have added significant amount of capital to the platform which I had  less share uptill now . My goal is to have a more uniform allocation among different platform. This month I will also do a deep dive of my existing NPA across platforms Portfolio Composition April Allocation   May Allocation: Portfolio … Read more

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