WintWealth Oxyzo NCD-9.5% IRR

WintWealth has recently listed a new deal on the platform. It is a senior secured unlisted Oxyzo Financial bond offering 9.5% XIRR. The term “senior” in a senior secured bond indicates that bondholders enjoy the senior most priority to get repaid in case the NBFC defaults.I have evaluated the deal based on a few parameters. … Read more

Fampay Review – Neobank for Teens

The age today belongs to neo banks, and you would find that there have been several neo banks that have mushroomed. While not all of them may be trustworthy, and it is quite early to make any specific statement about them – whether positive or negative – may not be that easy at this nascent … Read more

Alternative Investment Portfolio -Feb 2022

This year is turning out to be a crazy volatile ride for most investors. The ongoing Ukraine crisis had a detrimental impact on the global equity market but was instrumental in driving the commodity and crypto prices up. This market behavior really highlights the need to have a diversified portfolio not just across assets but … Read more

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