Fintelum Review – Tokenized European Investment

  Fintelum is a crowdfunding platform for high growth businesses and value real-estate projects sourced in Latvia and Europe. Fintelum showcases alternative investments in primary issuance and aftermarket to global participants in cryptocurrencies and fiat. It ensures all projects follow full compliance with the European KYC/AML laws. Investors can participate and invest in fully regulated … Read more

How to buy a Health Insurance Plan?

Why do we even need  Health Insurance? How are these insurance companies making profit ? Are we being taken for a ride? It’s very important to understand how insurance business works to appreciate that insurance can be a win-win situation for customer as well as the Insurance company. Any portfolio is incomplete without health Insurance! … Read more

Alternative Investment Portfolio Performance – June 2021

Alternative data has become a bigger trigger for investment decision than fundamental. Hence Twitter and Reddit are the new go to places for getting information Even the broad market is just following macro data while ignoring stock valuation.Global PMI data and employment data was better than expected.Hence the positive narrative drove equities Up. Though the near … Read more

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