How to get an Inflation Hedge?

Inflation Hedge to protect against rising inflation is a key task in 2021. Fed recently announced that it will be keeping rates unchanged till 2023. However, the market has become very cautious as other countries are starting the rate hike process soon! BOJ readied to adjust monetary policy and will look at measures that will … Read more

Crypto Spot Future Arbitrage-20%+ Return

Crypto Arbitrage has become quite profitable in the current market. The highly volatile market in cryptocurrency gives most investors a high-risk and high-return investment profile. It’s normal to see a coin surge up to 20% and then head to a 20% correction on the next day. In addition to the spot market, lots of exchanges … Read more

Alternate Investment Portfolio Performance – February 2021

Alternate Investment Summary Traditional markets found themselves under pressure this week as a flurry of central bank comments (most notably from the ECB and US Fed) about continuing to provide accommodative policy failed to curb the trend of rising longer-term bond yields. After all, low yields have been a key pillar supporting last year’s incredible … Read more

Deribit Review- Bitcoin Hedging

Deribit provides derivatives hedging for Bitcoin Risk Management which has become essential as we have reached a stage of mainstream participation in the asset class causing lot of volatility. Just over 10 years old, Bitcoin might already be the best-performing investment of all time. It might also be the most volatile, and volatility has a … Read more

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