Realt Review – Tokenized Real Estate

Realt is a disruptive platform in the Real Estate space.Since going online more than a decade ago, the blockchain has been one of the most transformative and disruptive innovations. For once, we have access to a decentralized form of record-keeping that is for the most part protected against unauthorized modifications and fraudulent transactions. However, most … Read more

Fractional Real Estate in India

Fractional real estate investing is essentially purchasing a portion of an investment property. A group of like-minded investors pool their money together, allowing them to invest in higher value properties than they otherwise would have access to. Fractional real estate investment is a new way to invest in commercial real-estate. The concept of fractional ownership … Read more

Metex Review-Precious Metal Investment

Why do people Invest in precious metals using Metex? METEX brings you metal investments at a click of buton. Why metals? Put simply, precious metals serve as a hedge against market volatility, political instability, currency weakness, and economic collapse. Gold and silver have been used as money across much of the world for thousands of … Read more

Portfolio Analysis September 2020

Market Outlook : There have been some signs of revival of the broad economy but it would be naive to expect that we are out of the woods complete. Situation is precarious in many sectors like Hospitality,Travel NBFC ,which can cause a sudden collapse if the current strain is not ameliorated soon. Global Markets can … Read more

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