Cryptocurrency Trading in India

Lot of people ask me how can they Invest/Trade Bitcoin in India in the most efficient manner.I have compared few platforms for Bitcoin Investment.Before that I will like to explore the rationale behind bitcoin investing! Bitcoin is on the other end of investment spectrum compared to FD,where you can make 1000% returns or you can … Read more

Golden Pi Review- Corporate Bond MarketPlace

Is there a mid-point where we can get a decent yield at reasonably low risk? The solution is corporate bonds. Until now it was very difficult for retail investors to buy corporate bonds from the exchange due to less liquidity. Treasury and HNI are able to buy these from their brokers. It’s better to choose … Read more

What to buy in a volatile Market?

Lot of people are wondering which assets to buy in a market which is uncertain about future prospects.An easy way to determine is to weigh the upside vs downside from the current level and determine if the risk is worth taking. Some of the best opportunities come out when people are selling in panic.In Public … Read more

Portfolio Analysis March’20

As we navigate the murky waters of the coronavirus pandemic, the world seems to have entered uncertain times. And those deepening worries are reflected in fluctuating markets worldwide as the Black Swan event of 2020. Even as India so far has remained relatively less scarred from the COVID 19 virus compared to some other countries, … Read more

Global Collateralized Loan Obligations

CLOs originated in the late 1980s, similar to other types of securitizations, as a way for banks to package leveraged loans together to provide investors with an investment vehicle with varied degrees of risk and return to best suit their investment objectives. A CLO is a type of structured credit. Structured credit is a fixed-income … Read more

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