Stockal Review – International ETF Investment

We all understand the importance of diversifying our investments across geographies. For beginners, diversifying one’s portfolio across different countries & continents can help tide over volatility or crisis situations emerging in any region. The recent happenings in Russia & Ukraine highlight the importance of diversification even more! Apart from diversification, markets like the US have … Read more

Best International ETF in India

India’s equity market may be large for us but if we compare it to global markets it’s a small part of the pie. Investors across the world are participating in the global equity market through International ETF. Global Equity Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are investment vehicles that allow domestic investors to gain exposure to international … Read more

RBI Floating Rate Bonds Review

The RBI has introduced Floating Rate Bonds in 2020 for a tenure of seven years, popularly known as the RBI 7.15% Bonds, in place of the previous RBI Savings Bonds in 2018 that offered a 7.75% interest rate and were informally called RBI 7.75% Bonds. The new bonds are called floating-rate bonds as the interest … Read more

Alternative Investment Portfolio -August 2022

This month the world’s leading economic authorities sounded the alarm about the forces working against the Federal Reserve, European Central Bank, and other central banks as they combat the worst inflation in decades. A  shallow, but the long, recession that stretches over five quarters in the US, and a much deeper recession in Europe is … Read more

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