Finzy Review -P2P Platform

Finzy review based on my 2 year experience. Recently RBI has increased the investment limit in P2P from 10 Lakh to 50 Lakh. This is a great move for P2P platform which will now attract lot of affluent individuals! Update: I have done an in depth analysis and covered the covid-19 impact on portfolio More … Read more

P2P Portfolio Analysis Nov’19

Last couple of months saw lot new and interesting loans and products been launched by few platforms.A brief over view on those products I2I Funding group Loans: The product is interesting as the yield is quite high and there are multiple guarantor. Due to cross guarantee I will consider it less riskier than single borrower … Read more

Derivative Yield Generation Strategy

I have covered various high yielding assets which can be used in the portfolio to enhance returns. Most people do not know that they can use their existing long term stock or ETF holding to generate yield. One of the easiest strategy is called Buy Write. This is a good strategy for people who think … Read more

P2P Portfolio Analysis Oct’19

This month I have added a new product available on Faircent. The new pool loans seems to be a good proposition and I thought I will give it a try . I would be investing only in pool loans in Faircent. Before I publish my performance I am briefly reviewing the some interesting loans available … Read more

P2P Portfolio Analysis(Sep)

Now my Alternate Investment Portfolio is composed of 3 assets: P2P invest ( approx Return 15-16%) Invoice Discounting (12-13%) Settlement Finance( 11-12% approx) Each has it’s own advantage in offering better liquidity or better return. The good part is all these 3 asset classes have low correlation with broad market and provide some stability to … Read more

Settlement Finance Investing@12%

What is settlement Finance and how does it fit in my asset allocation?What’s the difference between Invoice Discounting and Settlement Finance? I have covered Invoice Discounting in my earlier post: What is Invoice discounting? Invoice discounting is the practice of using company’s unpaid invoices to raise working capital & fulfil its financial needs. Traditionally, financial … Read more

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