Scripbox Review – Mutual Fund Investment

Scripbox India Private Limited was founded in 2012 in Bengaluru by Sanjiv Singhal and Ashok Kumar and is a popular mutual fund investment platform that helps you attain your financial objectives. Scripbox helps you make the necessary plans and take the proper steps to achieve your goals. Scripbox has well established itself as a trusted … Read more

Government Bonds India Investing

Government bonds are debt instruments issued by the state and central government. Whenever the government fund shrinks, they issue bonds to the public. Government bonds give a sovereign guarantee and a fixed rate of return. Investors can invest in government bonds directly or through mutual funds. Read more to know more about it in detail. … Read more

Alternative Investment Portfolio – October 2022

October was a happening month for the global economy and the markets. Most of the developed markets showed a strong recovery in October but emerging markets fell. Chinese equities have become one of the worst performers in the world and the weakness continued as the Communist Party Congress signaled no let-up in the zero-Covid policy … Read more

Smallcase Review-Is it worth it?

In this smallcase review, we will cover the benefits of Smallcase. If you want to make an equity investment as an investor in the stock market, there are two ways of investing in equity: buying the stocks directly. A thorough understanding of financial markets, company analysis, and research methods are necessary for investing in individual … Read more

Growpital – Investment Experience

A tree that grows money? Does that really exist in today’s time? Or is it just a figment of imagination? Well, maybe not the tree, but there is a startup that can help your money grow. Growpital, is an alternative investment platform that helps you invest in agri-projects and provides great returns. Growpital provides tax-free … Read more

Alternative Investment Portfolio – Sep 2022

This month was quite eventful for the global economy keeping all asset classes volatile.UK’s economic decline has spiraled into a currency crisis, threatening to expose the fragility of global efforts to crush inflation. Events like Russia’s default in 1998 and, more recently, Greece’s debt crisis highlights that individual events can trigger wider financial turmoil. Rates … Read more

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