Alternative Investment Portfolio -April 2022

April had a very nervous outlook for the traditional and crypto markets. The spread of covid in China, expected steep interest rate hikes in the US, rising inflation, and the Russia-Ukraine war are adding to concerns about global economic growth. Inflation woes can already be seen in rising commodity and food prices.
Inflation meme
Cryptocurrency has been in a bear market for some time but you can feel the growing acceptance around it . Eric Schmidt, a former Google CEO whose net worth is $22.8 billion, reveals that he has put “a little bit” of money into cryptocurrency. On other hand, Goldman Sachs has started giving out loans against Bitcoin to its clients
Bonus time is around the corner, and Elon Musk has made a killing! Tesla had created an extraordinary deal for Musk in 2018 that would pay him an unprecedented $55.8 billion bonus if he built the business into a $650 billion company within a decade Tesla has a market value today of more than 1 trillion, following a 1,300% rise in its share price since the target was set in January 2018.
 Alternative Investment Portfolio Performance

This Month I have added one more platform called Lofty.Ai .It is an innovative platform that can help you to invest in tokenized real estate assets in the USA

I have also invested in assets on Wint Wealth, Jiraaf, and Klubworks this month.

Lofty AI review

Structured Lending Investment

Platform Returns NPA
Grip Invest 10-12%(Post-Tax) 0%
Klubworks 18%+ 0%
WintWealth 10-11.5% 0%
Jiraaf 13-15% New
Pyse 10-11%(Post-Tax) 0%
Legalpay( Promo code FV48G4) 14-16% New( 4 payments )
Growpital(Promo code GROWRDIMES) 12% New (2 Payment)
  • Have invested in Zetwerk at 12.9% on Jiraaf
  • Invested in the latest Legal Pay Interim Finance deals.4 Payouts on time!
  • Invested in Aaryman NCD on Wealth Wint at 10.5%
  • Received  payment for Growpital
  • Invested in Tagz on Klubworks
  • All my cash flow in Klubworks, WintWealth, Pyse, and GripInvest are as per schedule.
  • GripInvest has started Equity Investment on the platform. Considering the minimum size it makes sense for people who can invest across 10-15 deals in a year’s time. Won’t recommend it for people looking to do only 1 Investment
  • I have zero exposure to Hedonova now and no plans to Invest in the future as there is negative media coverage 

New Deals

Jiraaf Randomdimes

Jiraaf deal
klub April
Grip April
Invoice Discounting and Pooled Loans
Platform Returns NPA
Liquiloans (Liquid Fund Substitute) 9-10% 0%
Tradecred 11.50% 0%
Lendbox (Per Annum +Settlement Finance) 11.50% 0%
Cashkumar(Elastic Run) 11.50% 0%
Faircent ( Only Pool Loans) 12% 0%

Have added money to the 10%, 2-month lockin deal with Liquiloans

  • Lendbox settlement finance returns and Per Annum returns are as per expectations
  • Cashkumar Returns are on time
  • I Invested in a Kredx deal this month. Will cover the platform’s pros and cons soon!

International Real Estate and P2P

Platform Return Current NPA
Heavyfinance 12%  
Lofty (Tokenized Real Estate) 13% New
EstateGuru 11%
PeerBerry 10.50%
Evostate (Aggregator Platform) 12%  
Bulkestate 12%
Lendermarket 14%  
RealT US High Yield Property(crypto-based) 11% Rental yield
Reinvest24 12.5% Rent+capital gain
  • Euro has lost 10% to INR this year due to war-led issues. It might be a good time to top up European investment and make some additional returns if Euro strengthens in the long run.
  • For all investment-related remittances please transfer money to the IBAN account from your Indian bank account and not other remittance services as per RBI FEMA guidelines!
  • Have tested Lofty.AI with a small amount.

Equity Market

The equity market is showing a lot of weakness due to inflation-related issues. However, it could be a blessing to buy the dip if the market tumbles. The Repo rate hike is also adding to the woes. The stock market and the interest rates have an inverse relationship. Every time the central bank increases the repo rate, its immediate impact is seen on the stock markets. This means that following the hike in the repo rate prompts companies to also cut back on the spending on the expansion, which leads to a dip in growth and affects the profit and future cash flows, resulting in a fall in stock prices.

Federal interest rate

  • Have added a small quantity of Large-Cap ETF

Crypto Lending Investing

Platform Returns Capital Loss
Kucoin 5-50% Nil
Celsius Network 12.00% Nil
Youhodler 12.50% Nil
Vauld 12.70% Nil
Coindcx 14%% Nil
  • Coindcx is also offering a 14% return on USDT
  • Celsius is offering 40$ for depositing USDT (code 133908fe3e)
  • Exploring a few more options to spread platform risk

Crypto Investment

Cryptomarket has been rangebound for a while. I believe anyone investing in crypto should have the patience to bear with months of boring market, bouts of insane volatility, and resistance to FOMO in a bull market.

Platform Quarter Return
Crypto Hedge Fund Iconomi 12%
Crypto Hedge Fund Ember
Crypto Hedging Deribit 4%
Bitcoin Trading(Wazirx/Binance/CoinDCX) 3%

P2P Investment

Current allocation:

  • India P2P – 15% (new)
  • 12Club – 5%
  • Rupeecircle- (stopped)
  • I2IFunding- 40%
  • Finzy-40%
Platform Loans Selected Yield NPA
I2IFunding Cooperative banks-backed loans, E-Rickshaw backed loans, education loans, NBFC backed loans(Mondeo etc) Group loans 13.5% 4.9%
IndiaP2P Only Women Borrower Loans, Branch-based p2p lending 16% 0%
FINZY Prime Borrowers, High Salary,A category 14.2% 3.5%
12 Club Only Minimum amount 12% 0%
  • India P2P is the new addition. The platform looks promising as it has a physical lending model.
  • Have been investing in Urban Clap Loans on I2IFunding
  • The systematic investment plan loan on Faircent ( Only SIP Loan) is doing well
  • Completely stopped RupeeCircle

 Other Alternative Assets  and Platform Updates

IndiaP2P updates
1. Average net returns delivered to investors are ~17.1% over the last quarter.  There have been 0% defaults and 0% delays.
2. 97% of borrowers are women business owners with good credit scores and a history of at least one loan successfully repaid before.
Some key differentiators in comparison with other platforms:
1. IndiaP2P sources borrowers through an on-ground branch & personnel network.  Each borrower is met with and verified in person over an above an app-based digital onboarding process.  This ensures due borrower/loan quality is maintained.
2. No pool operations: IndiaP2P’s allocation algorithm deploys each investor’s funds into loan fractions that are measured for correlation to minimize risk.  Every investor is transparently shown who their funds have gone to and their performance therein.

Fractional Real Estate Update- My investment in MYRE Capital has been performing as expected. I have received 4 cashflows on time. People who are interested in a lower minimum (INR 1 lakh) can invest in  Real Estate on Grip Invest

Platform Returns Payment Received on time
Myre Capital 10% 4.00
Growpital Updates
  1.  Portfolio bagged contracts worth INR ~30 Crores for ~5000 Metric Tonnes of volume take of farm produce.
  2. Portfolio size currently running at 850 Acres and presence in Rajasthan, Chattisgarh, and Karnataka
  3. 1000 acres in pipeline
  4. Raised ~1.8 Crores over Growpital Platform
  5. Signed MoUs for operational partnerships with Eeki Foods and Farmcult for managing hydroponic segments and Vertical Hydroponic segments of the portfolio.
  6. The portfolio will add Honey Farming and Mushroom cultivation in this quarter.
Upcide Update

Upcide(access code RDIMES to get early access)is an asset-based investment platform that lists some great deals however the frequency is much lower than others. Those who are interested in asset leasing will appreciate the quality of assets ( eg Tata EV )

Upcide deals

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  1. Hi, would you recommend removing money from Hedenova? Had put the same about ~4 months back?

  2. Hello, first of all great work in covering alternative investments. I want to start investing in products that you have mentioned. Which products would you suggest to start with? Top 3 picks and then I will start investing in remaining ones with time. If you can suggest to start with, will be of great help.

    • Hi Riken,
      Thanks for your comment. The top products depend on each person’s risk appetite and capital deployment plan.
      Based on my experience a good starting point could be Jiraaf,Klub and Liquiloans. We can have a small call if you would like to know my experience with them

    • I have tried it a couple of times but I am still not very confident as they do not disclose complete deal details.


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