Alternative Investment Portfolio Performance – July 2021

chinese stock crash
Alternative Investment and Conventional asset had a volatile month. Almost $1 trillion stock market selloff  was ignited by Beijing’s shock ban on profits at tutoring companies .However ,this is not the first time Chinese regulatory impact has spooked the markets. It gives us a clear perspective how things can change very fast and blind allocation can be risky.
Can this happen in India? No one can predict that but we can never assign zero probability to the scenario. Markets sometimes behave as expected  while defy logic at other times. Robinhood and Zomato had IPO this month with contrasting fate.Zomato listed with stellar gains despite the crazy valuation!Zomato IPO
Robinhood had a disappointing listing as it ended its first day as a public company 8.4% below its initial public offering pricerobinhood

My Alternative Investment Portfolio Performance

Bitcoin, driven by bullish sentiment in the wake of the B Word conference and with help from a massive short squeeze at CME open, saw its price explode to  $40,000+ .Also rumours of Amazon planning to implement crypto payments by year-end added fuel to the frenzy. However, the cryptoasset seems to be running on empty after Amazon denied the rumours. Many believe Bitcoin will remain range-bound as the asset’s momentum recharge

Yield Generation Alternative Investment Platform Performance (Annualized)

Alternative Investment
Red Highlighted Paused

Capital Gain Alternative Investment Performance (Quarter Performance)

Crypto made a come back in this quarter .Global and Indian market remain muted .Option trading/arbitrage was also less profitable due to falling volatility.

capital gain

Structured Lending Investment

GRIP Invest13% (post tax)Nil
GrowFix(Wealth Wint)10%-11.00%Nil
Pyse (referral code RANDOMDIMES01)12%(post tax)Nil
  • Wealth Wint latest offering is live on the platform offering 9.5% ,which is MLD  issued by UGRO
  • Grip has the maximum number of investment opportunities which include combo deals
  • All my cashflow in ,Klubworks,GrowFix and Grip Invest are as per plan

New Deals

smoor klubworks
Klubworks deal
grip invest deals
GripInvest dealsWint July Deal
Wint Wealth July
Pyse Deals

Invoice Discounting and Settlement Finance

Lendbox(settlement Finance)12%Nil
  • TradeCred deals have become popular and they get subscribed super quick. They need to increase listing frequency
  • Lendbox settlement finance returns have been in line with expectations till now.
  •  Started Interest Only Loans on Lendbox which are basically gold loans disbursed by partners. I will put small capital initially.

New Deals

Lendbox Interest only loans: These loans are given via a third party who provides loans against the Gold to borrowers. As per the P2P guidelines,  they do not take any collateral from borrowers. Therefore, they work with third party partners on the basis of service agreement. Additionally, As per the agreement loan sourcing and collection are their responsibility and they are legally binding to fulfill their obligations
Lendbox Gold Loan
Lendbox Gold Loan

International Real Estate and P2P

PlatformReturnCurrent NPA
Crowdestor(currently paused)15%3.5%
PeerBerry 10.50%
Evostate (Aggregator Platform)12%
RealT US High Yield Property(crypto based)11%Rental yield
Reinvest2411.5%Rent+capital gain
  • Heavyfinance has good number of high yield opportunities
Heavyfinance opportunities

International Equity

Equity broad market is showing some fatigue but IPO and meme stocks are still giving insane returns. The Chinese fiasco might be the first crack in the current lopsided bull run. Value Investment is out of the door for nowvalue Investing

Crypto Lending Investing

KuCoin10%-60%(market dependent)
Celsius Network 11.5%
BlockFi 8.6%
  • My current yield across platforms including arbitrage is close to 12%
  • Celsius is offering 40$ for depositing USDT (code 133908fe3e)
  • Vauld and Zebpay are currently offering Bank Transfer

Crypto Investment

PlatformQuarter Return
Crypto Hedge Fund Iconomi-19%
Crypto Hedge Fund Ember
Crypto Hedging Deribit15%
Bitcoin Trading(Wazirx/Binance)12%
  • Crypto has recovered some of the losses but is still far from it’s peak level.

P2P Lending Investment

Current allocation:

  • Rupeecircle- 15%
  • I2IFunding- 25%
  • Finzy- 35%
  • Lendbox-25%
PlatformLoans SelectedYieldNPA
I2IFundingCooperative banks backed loans,E-Rickshaw backed loans,education loan,NBFC backed loans(Monedo etc) Group loans14%5%
Rupee Circle(paused as no new loans temporarily)Small business/salariedloans to people with own house and low EMI to Earning Ration15%5%
FINZY Prime Borrowers,High Salary ,A category14.2%3.5%
Faircent(Onlypool Loans/Education loans)credit pool loan11%1%
  • FINZY autoinvest is a good way to avoid large cash drag due to idle money.
  • Rupee Circle might be starting new loan products mid August

Other Alternative Assets

METEX Palladium/Platinum
Vinovest Exotic Wines
  • GoldFinX got Sanctum as new venture capital partner onboard

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