Creating a Global Portfolio

For people who are interested in creating a global portfolio I had published various options to select from(Model Portfolio). Paradox of choices is a problem when deciding among many good options.We need first have a starting point then narrow down the products.

Step 1

To make things easy I will publish the asset allocation of 2 of the most popular global Roboadvisor. You may use it as a benchmark and a starting point to create your own portfolio!

Step 2: I publish a model portfolio which also has list of top performing most popular assets globally.

Now how many assets you wish to invest depends on the quantum of money you have to deploy.

I strongly suggest to invest atleast 2.5 Lakh to get started considering forex bid ask spread,platform fees etc.

Now I classify the investors in two categories

A) less than 3-4 Lakh total investment

B) more than 4 Lakh total investment.

For the first category 3-4 funds are enough and the goal is to minimize the cost.The ideal platform is Vested for them :




  • In total only 110 stocks and 10-11 ETF available which means you can create a broad portfolio and leave it for long term
  • For ETF they do charge an annual fees which (0.5% Percentage of AUM) .If you have a small portfolio to start with it works out fine but can be a drag in a large portfolio.For a large portfolio Stockal is more economical.

For People new to foreign stocks and want to get started and choosing VESTED base portfolio should be as given:

1)US Market ETF


3) Mid Cap and Small Cap ETF

4) Emerging Market ETF

B) People who have more than 4 Lakh to invest

Create a portfolio of the above in Vested and also Register in Stockal to get access to few more ETF and REIT. If you wish to put than 50k in any ETF invest through stockal while for smaller amounts or single stocks you can choose vested

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Now we have covered all the basic ETF and completed 70-80% work. Now people with higher capital can experiment with some alternate ETF like:

  1. PSP (Private Equity ETF) : They can invest in all the publicly listed private equity companies like black rock,KKR etc

2. Small Cap REIT exposure : Invesco KBW premium yield REIT ETF , SRET ( global high dividend REIT expsoure) etc

3.High Performing individual REITS to increase specific REIT exposure.

Using these 2 platforms your global portfolio would be constructed which would be low cost, efficient. You get yourself a country hedge, Currency appreciation benefit and also access some of the best companies in the world!


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  1. Vested does not change any annual fees on ETF.
    Why are you providing incorrect information?

    • Forex trading is not approved. You are allowed to trade from your broking account on NSE (USD INR etc have decent liquidity)


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