Alternative Investment Portfolio -August 2022

Global GDP

This month the world’s leading economic authorities sounded the alarm about the forces working against the Federal Reserve, European Central Bank, and other central banks as they combat the worst inflation in decades. A  shallow, but the long, recession that stretches over five quarters in the US, and a much deeper recession in Europe is being predicted.

The energy crisis is getting worse in Europe while China is reeling under a slowdown and real estate crisis. India seems to be better poised than other nations. Some statistics even predict an average growth for India in the next few quarters.

The crypto market took a massive hit after US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell made hawkish remarks. “The Merge”, Ethereum’s long-awaited switch to proof-of-stake, is a few short weeks away. However, the coin tanked from under $1,700 to nearly $1,400.Bitcoin is also below the crucial psychological level of 20,000 USD.

This Month I invested in one new platform – Altifi. Altifi is a platform owned by Northern Arc which allows investors to buy high-yield bonds.  Having a large NBFC providing due diligence before listing makes it easier for investors.

 Lending Investment

Platform Returns NPA
Grip Invest 10-12%(Post-Tax) 0%
Klubworks 15-17%+ 0%
WintWealth 10-11.5% 0%
Jiraaf 12-15% 0%
Pyse 10-11%(Post-Tax) 0%
Legalpay 14-16%(Post-Tax) 0%
Growpital 12%(Tax-Free) New (7 Payments)
Leafround 17% New (4 Payments)
Altifi 12.50% 0%
  • Received  payment from Growpital
  • All my cash flows in Klubworks, WintWealth, Pyse, and GripInvest are as per schedule.
  • Invested in Real Estate debt issued by KNS Infra offering 16.14% IRR on Jiraaf
  • Invested in Pikkol on Klubworks
  • Invested in a New deal on Sustvest at 11.2%
  • Invested in Navi Bonds and Kissht on Altifi at 10.1% and 13% IRR
  • Might increase allocation to Growpital if they raise money this money.

New Deals


Altifi Deals
jiraaf deals
Jiraaf Deals

Invoice Discounting and Pooled Loans

Platform Returns NPA
Liquiloans (Liquid Fund Substitute) 9-10% 0%
Tradecred 11.50% 0%
Lendbox (Per Annum +Settlement Finance) 11.50% 0%
Cashkumar(Elastic Run) 11.50% 0%
KredX 13% 0%
  • Lendbox settlement finance returns and Per Annum returns are as per expectations
  • Invested in Reliance Retail on Tradecred
  • I have invested in Zetwerk on KredX for 13%.


Crypto Investing

Crypto investing

Crypto market is still in a bear zone. The fear of Fed taking out liquidity from market has made people dump all risk assets. However if we look down deeper there is a lot of traction in the digital asset universe.

Around ~90 companies  working on Web3 received ~$1.86b in funding in August.Blackrock and Mastercard tied up with Coinbase and Binance respectively for providing crypto exposure to investors. These things point to a long term positive outlook.

  • I have done a small SIP through iconomi. I will be doing small monthly SIPS on FTX and Iconomi. It is a risk investment but has potential to give multifold returns in the long run.
  • I will be happy if BTC test 15,000 level as that can be a good level to enter.
Platform Quarter Return
Crypto Hedge Fund Iconomi -15%
Crypto Hedge Fund Ember
Crypto Hedging Deribit 6%
Bitcoin Trading(Binance/CoinDCX/FTX) 10%

P2P Investment

Current allocation:

  • India P2P – 35%
  • 12Club – 5%
  • I2IFunding- 30%
  • Finzy-30%
Platform Loans Selected Yield NPA
I2IFunding Urban Clap Loans, education loans, Group loans 13.5% 4.85%
IndiaP2P Only Women Borrower Loans, Branch-based p2p lending 16% 0%
FINZY Prime Borrowers, High Salary,A category 14.2% 3.5%
12 Club Only Minimum amount 12% 0%
  • IndiaP2P performance has been consistently positive till now. Have increased allocation
  • Have been investing in Urban Clap Loans on I2IFunding
  • The systematic investment plan loan on Faircent ( Only SIP Loan) is doing well


International Real Estate and P2P

Platform Return Current NPA
Heavyfinance 11.5% 1%
Lofty (Tokenized Real Estate) 13% New
EstateGuru 10% 1.5%
PeerBerry 9.5% 2%
Evostate (Aggregator Platform) 12%
Bulkestate 11% 2%
Lendermarket 12% 2%
RealT US High Yield Property(crypto-based) 11% Rental yield
Reinvest24 12.5% Rent+capital gain
  • We will be soon covering how to seamlessly invest in European platforms using MCA
  • Still exploring some interesting opportunities in Europe

Equity Market

Nifty 2022U.S. equities fell on Friday to cap their third straight weekly decline after a solid August jobs report failed to ease fears that the Federal Reserve would keep aggressively hiking interest rates to fight inflation

Indian market fared better. In August, FPIs made their biggest investment of 51,204 cr in the equities market year-to-date. The valuation is still not cheap and I will stick to small SIPS till I feel more comfortable.

 Other Alternative Assets  and Platform Updates

Sustvest Investment – Recently invested in the Rooftop solar project of Chromewell Engineering. The financials of the company are decent and the investment will yield 11.2% Tax-Free with a lockin of 8 months.

Register Free on Sustvest


Fractional Real Estate Update- My investment in MYRE Capital  Vaishnav Park has been performing as expected. I have received 7 cashflows on time. People who are interested in a lower minimum (INR 1 lakh) can invest in  Real Estate on Grip Invest. New Vaishnav Park Opportunity is live. again

Platform Returns Payment Received on time
Myre Capital 10% 7.00

14 thoughts on “Alternative Investment Portfolio -August 2022”

  1. Thanks a lot sir for the update. I eagerly wait for this monthly post. It helps us to decide our investment avenues and current situation on repayments of these assets.

    You help us in earning good returns.


    • Thanks Tarun, I just share my experience. Will soon launch performance experience of multiple investors to make everyone help take more informed decision

    • Hi Shekhar, Its the same team which used to run Falconsgrup , they don’t disclose vendor details which make me uncomfortable.

  2. Hi Sir,

    First of all thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience of such diverse investments.Just like portfolio allocation report,It would be helpful if you write a blog in how you manage and track performance of such diverse investments regularly and balance portfolio as per asset allocation or market conditions.

    • Hi Kaustubh, Glad that the posts help you.I use an excel template to track my investments. I will share the tracker soon with everyone

  3. Hi, Thanks for posting. Were you able to get out of your investments in Rupeecircle completely. It seems loan repayments are quite dead there now.

    • The repayment is happening but it’s extremely slow. In total, I have just recovered my total principal to date that too because before the management change I was getting 20% + IRR

  4. hi,
    why don’t you have a FALCONGRUP in your portfolio? Even though I haven’t invested yet in falcongrup, the deals on this site are tempting. The yield range from 15 to 30% on blue chip companies’ invoice discounting. Since you are not investing, I’ve doubts to invest. Can you please throw some light on this investment opportunity?

    I look forward to your response thanks in advance.


    • Hi I have used Falcongrup in the past. Few reasons I have put it on hold
      1) They don’t disclose the vendor details
      2) They promise a repayment guarantee but do not share balance sheet details
      3) I feel they discount invoices of sister company which means more correlated risk .

      In future I will revisit the platform

      • I have been using falcon for a year. Payments are very prompt and yields are good

        • I have used Falcons in the past still I feel apprehensive adding a larger amount as they discount their own invoices


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