Alternative Investment Portfolio Performance – June 2021

Alternative data has become a bigger trigger for investment decision than fundamental. Hence Twitter and Reddit are the new go to places for getting information Even the broad market is just following macro data while ignoring stock valuation.Global PMI data and employment data was better than expected.Hence the positive narrative drove equities Up. Though the near … Read more

Parking Emergency Fund In P2P Platform

Everybody knows that emergency fund is absolutely necessary. Nobody likes to have unforeseen expenditure but we can never know when bad luck knocks at our door.could be in the form of medical emergency, a layoff, car repair,  a close friend’s requirement How do we park our money in emergency fund and what impact it can … Read more

Peer to Peer Lending(P2P) Investing Strategy based on Kelly Criterian

Peer to Peer lending is a mechanism where  people can invest or borrow money from other people through an online platform. These companies provide a market place for loans  like Amazon and Flipkart provide for buyers and sellers. It has been very successful in US and UK.Basic Features of P2P lending are: Unsecured Lending  for … Read more

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