Raison Review – Pre IPO Investment

Raison review

Raison is a blockchain based company which allows you to buy tokenized pre ipo stocks of popular globalcompanies.

Every company needs funds to run the business. The investors want a good return on their investment when funds are raised via Equity . Let us suppose investors have invested Rs.100 Crores in the company. Now after 5 years they want to take exit and handover company shares to other investors. So accordingly, the company plans for IPO to give exit to these investors and generally such information comes in media

IPOs receives a lot of attention and good IPOs are subscribed heavily. This is due to awareness via social media/news-papers/news channels these days. Therefore, getting subscription to IPO is very difficult. Here, the Pre-IPO shares play a vital role.

Raison Pre IPO shares benefits

Just a few months before listing Coinbase , its shares were selling below $200 per share. On the first day of trading, the price skyrocketed to over $381  giving the Pre-IPO investors a windfall profit.

Likewise, When Facebook went for IPO , it is known to have made a fortune for its pre-IPO investors. Facebook shares were selling at $3.50 each, six years before the public sale. Just before the company filed for an IPO in April 2014, the price per share jumped to $42.72.

Without a doubt, the high growth rate of private companies preparing to go public presents the best capital gains opportunity for investors.

According to the SEC, private companies are only allowed to sell their shares to accredited investors. These are investors with a demonstrated net worth of $1 million and above or a yearly individual income of $200,000+ (or $300,000+ and above for couples).

Raison -Stock Tokenization Solution

tokenized equity

Founded in 2017, Raison (use referral code FA76AH) app allows users to invest in large private companies such as SpaceX, Airbnb, Robinhood from €100. It has developed world’s first legal structures for digitizing shares of private companies. Blockchain is used to manage register of investors and track all transactions with securities . This provides a unique opportunity to invest with lower costs and simplified process.

This structure of digitization of shares also meets the requirements of the European Union legislation, and the startup operates under a virtual currency service license. The structure additionally includes a regulated fund and an investment management company licensed by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

Stock tokenization refers to converting traditional company shares into cryptocurrencies .It is offering to bring liquidity into the Pre-IPO markets while ensuring accessibility to all investors interested in private equity.

 Raison has introduced a solution where people can trade tokenized Pre IPO shares.

How Raison Works?

Raison business model

Raison provides economic interest in Stock through security token offering? What is that all about?

Private companies and investors of all scales are looking for new ways of cooperation. Now, anyone can own economic interest in the world-famous companies like SpaceX, thanks to Ambisafe and Raison (use referral code FA76AH)

Raison (use referral code FA76AH) and Ambisafe in collaboration with US Capital Global Bank launched the first large-scale sale of SpaceX shares using DLT technology. These shares could not be purchased on the public market, however, they were available via tokenised USPX securities.

Security token is a smart contract that secures the right to  shares at the pre-IPO stage. Independently distributed registry is used to register users. Changes can be made only by smart contract owners.

Smart contracts fully reflect the growth dynamics of underlying — their valuation is directly proportional to the valuation of the company’s assets.

Current opportunities on Raison

Raison deals
Pre ipo deals

Companies like Diamond Foundary and Revolut are already very sought after.

Benefits of Raison

The platform significantly facilitates the process of purchasing shares. 

  • Raison provides a low entry threshold
  • Eliminates the lock-up period making the purchase procedure available to micro-investors.
  • This innovative method is a huge step towards the democratization of the field of investments.
  • The period of purchase of a private company’s shares is dramatically reduced. Investors no longer need to directly contact a company, wait for the next round of financing and handle the paperwork by themselves.

Raison Setup Process

Use the link or referral code to get 5 Euro joining bonus Raison (use referral code FA76AH). Both Crypto and Euro are accepted. I suggest using SEPA bank account as there is no fees as opposed to gas cost in crypto transfer.

Raison registration
Raison deposit


Raison (use referral code FA76AH) is an interesting platform to buy Pre IPO global stocks. However it is important that you read about the stocks before making any investment. The platform is also creating a secondary market for adding liquidity which will people to make profit even before IPO

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