P2P Loan Borrowing Comparison(with Fees)

Lot of people want to  borrow money online. With so many P2P platform available it becomes very difficult to assess where we can get the best deal. I have prepared a comparison of various P2P borrowing Platform charges.

Fees for each Interest rate category is given


Rupee circle is the best platform for a borrower from fees perspective.(Use code PIND145 to avail loans fast)

Borrower link : https://www.rupeecircle.com/borrower-register   

If you need a microloan (20-30k) then try both  RupeeCircle or Cashkumar.( mail me to get cashkumar referral)

If you have a decent Credit score and you need urgent loan I2Ifunding  should be able to provide interest at lowest levels.There interest rate are generally 2-3% lower than other platform.

I2IFunding Borrower Referral Link

So basically you should apply across I2Ifunding  and RupeeCircle   and compare the interest rate they are offering ,then add the fees I have mentioned which will give you the total cost. Try cashkumar  also if your loan requirement is less than 6 months and amount less than 50000

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