Alternative Investment Portfolio-October 2021

Shiba Inu
October was a good  month for Alternative Investment .Cryptomarket has been on a crazy rollercoaster ride.Since its listing on Coinbase on January 30, 2021, a crypto memecoin Shiba Inu  has soared 7,99,900 per cent in merely nine months. Shiba Inu has turned an investment of Rs 1,000 into Rs 80 lakh during the period under review.

One Mysterious Shiba Inu (SHIB) Coin Investor Wallet Appreciated From $8,000 To $4.8 Billion

On the other hand “Squid token” based on the squid games turned out to be a rug pull scam.A ‘rug pull’ in crypto occurs when the creators of a project take off with investor’ funds

Squid token

Squid Token is inspired by the famous Netflix Series “Squid Game”.” Sicne its inception, the cryptocurrency jumped in value and on October 29, surged by 2,400 per cent in last 24 hours to reach the value of $4.32 – and for the next few days, it kept surging. Until, 1st November. Early on Monday morning, a Twitter user pointed out that the developers of the Squid Game project had “rug pulled” SQUID holders.  The prices for SQUID, went down nearly 99.99% to $0.002541

My Alternative Investment Portfolio Performance

This month all platforms with exposure to crypto viz. Iconomi and Hedonova  did well.

Yield Assets

Portfolio October

Structured Lending Investment

Platform Return NPA
GRIP Invest 12-13% (post tax) Nil
Klubworks 20-23% Nil
GrowFix(Wealth Wint) 10%-11.00% Nil
Pyse 10%-11%(post tax) Nil
  • Wealth Wint next issuance is planned in Novemeber end with INR 10k minimum investment
  • Grip has been consistently coming up with deals every week without fail.Recently started 5k minimum deals too.
  • Klubworks had few new deals including Bewakoof etc
  • Pyse had launched the Tata deal this month.More deals expected this month
  • All my cashflow in Klubworks, WintWealth,Pyse and GripInvest are as per plan.
  • In Klub of more than 70 deals they have offered ,one deal has delay in payment till date

New Deals

Klubworks deal

Gripinvest october

Invoice Discounting and Settlement Finance

Platform Return NPA
TradeCred 12% Nil
Lendbox(settlement Finance + gold Loans +) 11.7% Nil
  • TradeCred recntly listed many new deals as Diwali season has lot of financing requirements
  • Lendbox settlement finance returns have been in line with expectations till now. Lendbox has recently launched an interesting product Per Annum which has very cibil score borrowers

Per Annum

International Real Estate and P2P

Platform Return Current NPA
Heavyfinance 12%
Crowdestor(Stopped) 14% 4.7%
EstateGuru 11%
PeerBerry 10.50%
Evostate (Aggregator Platform) 12%
Bulkestate 12%
Lendermarket 14%
RealT US High Yield Property(crypto based) 11% Rental yield
Reinvest24 11.5% Rent+capital gain
  • Use Winvesta  multicurrency for managing a global portfolio
  • Reinvest24 is doing great. Will be doing a post on the platform performance very soon

International Equity

  • Tesla hit a $1 trillion market cap on Monday following news that Hertz is ordering 100,000 vehicles to build out its electric vehicle rental fleet by the end of 2022.The company joins trillion-dollar market cap companies like Apple, Amazon and Microsoft.
  • Volatility in US bonds is surging in stark contrast to the relatively placid run for equities, leading some analysts to warn over the danger that central banks trigger a spasm of volatility in Wall Street’s stock market


Crypto Lending Investing

Platform Return
KuCoin 20%(market dependent 10-60%)
Celsius Network 11.5%
BlockFi 8.6%
Youhodler 12.7%
Vauld 12.6%
  • Kucoin is giving 15-20% yield currently due to bull run
  • Celsius is offering 40$ for depositing USDT (code 133908fe3e)
  • Youhodler Paxg (Gold backed coin) offering 8.2% yield over gold returns

Crypto Investment

Platform Quarter Return
Crypto Hedge Fund Iconomi 45%
Crypto Hedge Fund Ember
Crypto Hedging Deribit 3%
Bitcoin Trading(Wazirx/Binance) 10%
  • I have my investment split across 2 Iconomi funds  :1) Crush Crypto Core and 2)  Carus-AR ,both have done phenomenolly well

Crush Crypto

P2P Investment

Current allocation:

  • Rupeecircle- 5%
  • I2IFunding- 20%
  • Finzy- 25%
  • Lendbox-30%
  • Faircent-20%
Platform Loans Selected Yield NPA
I2IFunding Cooperative banks backed loans,E-Rickshaw backed loans,education loan,NBFC backed loans(Monedo etc) Group loans 13.7% 5%
Rupeecircle (paused till clarity on new management performance) Small business/salaried loans to people with own house and low EMI to Earning Ration 14% 5.5%
FINZY Prime Borrowers,High Salary ,A category 14.2% 3.6%
Faircent ( Only Pool Loans) Only Systematic Investment plan with 12% Interest 12% 0%
  • FINZY is performing well and has recieved a 2 Mn USD Funding which will enable them to improve the performance further.
  • Systematic investment plan loan on Faircent ( Only SIP Loan) is doing well

Faircent Loans

Other Alternative Assets

legalpay deals

Platform Assets
Legalpay (Promo code FV48G4) Litigation Funding
GoldFinX GoldMines
METEX Palladium/Platinum
Vinovest Exotic Wines
  • There is an upcoming deal on Legalpay. Prebook and get 1000 cashback! We will get the status of the first investment by January 2022.
  • I got a Diwali gift from Legal Pay as token for Investment!

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