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Alternate Investment, Altcoin price , Conventional assets all went crazy in 2020.When people thought they have seen the craziest market behavior in 2020 , GameStop Happens!

So much for efficient market theory!

This month highlight was overwhelmingly dominated by the unprecedented standoff between WallStreetBets (a Reddit community of retail investors), and large hedge funds with massive short positions on struggling companies, most notably GameStop (GME).

GameStop saw its stock price soar to a high of $492 (after beginning the year sub-$20) on the back of an epic combination of a gamma and short squeeze fuelled by frenzied purchasing from the retail community.


This is not the first time such an event has happened , a similar episode of Volkswagen had caused the stock skyrocket to 1000 USD from 200 USD in a matter of a day.

Volkswagen short squeeze from 2008, the red is [YOU] right now! 💎👐🚀💎👐  🚀 : wallstreetbets

These type of incidents teach us anything but Firstly, market can be more irrational than we can imagine. Sometimes you get opportunity which can generate more return than your whole portfolio. It’s good to keep your eyes and ears open. Secondly , Most Fund Managers, Investors are not as smart we think. It’s important to be financially literate and take decisions on your own. Fund managers make money irrespective of your portfolio performance. Heads they win ,Tail you lose!

fund manager india

My Alternate Investment Portfolio Performance

Markets are becoming increasingly influenced by social media like Twitter,Reddit etc . This will lead to elevated volatility in the future. Bull and Bear market have become a thing of past and market can go from one end of spectrum to other in matter of months!

This effect was exhibited Friday when Elon Musk appeared to support alternatives through his promotion of Bitcoin in his Twitter bio, which quickly saw the Bitcoin price spike 20% – again closing in on the $42,000 high set earlier this month.

Yield Generation Alternate Investment Platform Performance (Annualized).

GrowFix have been the new addition in my portfolio and is yielding 11% !

alternate Investment Yield

Capital Gain Alternate Investment Performance (Annualized)

Alternate Investment Altcoin price (inr) picked up the rally where bitcoin left it. Altcoins are in a massive bull mode as some of the altcoins such as have gone up 20-30% this month.My iconomi platformis up 450% for the year

Altcoin Trader

Securitized Debt Investing – GrowFix

Growfix has recently received funding from Zerodha ,which means we are soon going to see many more interesting deals on the platform.

Growfix funding

I am currently invested in a Market Linked Debenture . It is a listed product regulated by SEBI and RBI.

GrowFix Assets

Upcoming deal on the platform

GrowFix vehicle Loan

Alternate Investment Leasing- GripInvest

Now I have been invested for more than 6 months with consistent stable cashflow. Some of the risk measures taken by platform are:

  • Having same assets leased to multiple companies. This help in releasing the asset if one of the company is not able continue the lease
  • Buyback opportunity for assets. Some companies like Hero give buyback option to gripinvest which is another level of cushion.

An interesting advantage of the platform is that due the economy of scale they are able to procure assets in discount to market value which enhances the returns.

Another good part about the platform is that returns are tax exempted.

Grip Invest 13%(Tax Free)
Furlenco Invest
GripInvest Review

Alternate Investment TradeCred

I have been redeploying my capital on TradeCred as there are always sufficient deals to reinvest the matured amount. My net yield is close to 13% with zero delinquency. Have recently done a 3 year review of TradeCred

Some Interesting Invoices this month: 

Bank Guarantee Deal -11%

tradecred bank guarantee

I am predominantly sticking to Bank Guarantee deals though yield are slightly lower than conventional invoices. Instant liquidity is another great feature which gives opportunity to instantly redeem and put your money into market.

TradeCred liquidity
TradeCred Liquidity

International Alternate Investment Portfolio

Majority of my capital is tied up in Estateguru .Though platform like Lendermarket provide buyback, we are exposed to credit risk of the platform.In Estategure and similar real estate platform the collateral has actual value and can be sold even though it may take time .

PlatformReturnCurrent NPA
PeerBerry 10.50%
Evostate 11%
RealT US High Yield Property11%Rental yield
Reinvest2411.5%Rent+capital gain

Reinvest24 properties


Equity/REIT Portfolio

Having accounts with international brokers helped me to ride the momentum of few stocks which have been in media. It is important to have access to such platform and when opportunity arrives you can quickly rotate capital.

Waiting for bear market is a thing of past. A roaring market can correct 20% in a matter of weeks and to capitalize such opportunity you have to be ready.

short squeeze stocks

Alternate Investment and Altcoin Interest Account

Celsius Network  and Youholder are the top performer with yield close to 12%. People purchasing (USDT_Tether from India should check the price before buying. Sometimes it trades at much higher price than dollar(5-10%) due to demand while sometimes below USD(3-4%) during times like now when there is fear of crypto ban in India. I use this opportunity to buy cheap Tether and convert to real Euro on binance ! When Tether goes up I convert it back to INR

Tether India
Celsius Network 11%
BlockFi 8.6%

*for new users who want to buy crypto and transfer to other platforms I recommend using DCX discount link( as Wazirx has increased the withdrawal fees.

*Existing users who have binance linked to Wazirx Can transfer to binance for withdrawal at nominal fees

Altcoin Price (inr) and Bitcoin Platform

My Alternate Investment Altcoin price (inr) is again on fire. Thanks to some smartpicks my my altcoin trader on Iconomi

altcoin India
PlatformQuarter Return
Crypto Hedge Fund Iconomi170%
Crypto Hedge Fund Ember
Crypto Hedging Deribit22.00%
Altcoin Trader

Alternate Investment in Gold –GoldFinX

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is zdk9EUMFFHx7x7wK9T2x9R90I2HlipK9mEM6cOemfqn3NfbCM0z4oRbe6joP6ZpR056f6j_Bs_UCSDM42ukXa2IDv1GIVhfUapU2dWJcnqEGpdGFUjo0E78wVJjJEDjtTwg8W7xq

This month has been bad for Gold. Surprisingly gold is lagging behind other assets. 

Gold is facing a new competitor: Bitcoin. As the first un-confiscated, immutable, decentralized digital asset, it went viral in recent years. Although gold has its unmistakable advantages, it is evident the conventional way of trading this yellow metal does not fit a modern portfolio. Gold and cryptocurrency are often put into comparison, ranging from scarcity, convenience, and stability. Right now, we have the option to get the best of both worlds, digital gold, a gold-protected cryptocurrency. 

At the moment I am waiting for the first audit to happen before I add any more position in GIX. If both perform :Gold as well as the GIX business model then we can expect a multibagger here.

Corporate BondsGolden PI

People who have significant cash and are avoiding other asset class can explore Aadhar Housing. It is giving close to 8% yield with monthly interest payment. They are backed by Blackstone and in the process of coming up with an IPO. The rating looks good at AA+. Maturity of 2.5 years also is attractive

Aadhar Goldenpi

Alternate Investment P2P Lending India

Normalcy is approaching in the collection of P2P lending platform in India. I am in the process taking out money completely from

  • Cashkumar
  • LendenClub

Current products being offered and expected Yield and NPA are given below

PlatformLoans SelectedExpected YieldNPA  Expected
I2IFundingCooperative banks backed loans,E-Rickshaw backed loans,educationloan,NBFC backed loans etc,group loans20%3%
Rupee CircleSmall business/salariedloans to people with own house and low EMI to Earning Ration25-30%5%
FINZY Prime Borrowers,High Salary ,A category12%1%
Faircent(Onlypool Loans/Education loans)credit pool loan12%1%
Rupeecircle High Yield Loans
corporate bank guarantee
I2I Corporate bank Guarantee
Rupee Circle15.9%4.90%
FINZY 14.00%3%
Faircent(Onlypool Loans/Education Credit Pool loans)11%2%

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