Alternative Investment Portfolio – July 2023


Macroeconomic cues were mixed this month. India’s GDP grew by 7.8% in the April-June quarter, as per government data. The official GDP data for the Indian economy for the April-June(Q1) quarter. While the Indian economy showed signs of strength, China is facing an impending recession.

The past six months have brought a stream of bad news for China’s economy: slow growth, record youth unemployment, low foreign investment, weak exports and currency, and a property sector in crisis. US President Joe Biden described the world’s second-largest economy as “a ticking time bomb”, predicting growing discontent in the country.

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Alternative Investment Portfolio Performance

This month we explored 2 new platforms

  1. Incred Money
  2. Alyf

Incred Money 

Incred Money is an investment platform focussed on products like bonds and Structured products. It is the first platform in India to introduce Market Linked Debentures for retail investors. The product is ideal for those looking to participate in the market without wanting to take the downside risk of market volatility.

The best feature I liked about the product is that it provides liquidity to investors and thus makes it more attractive.

I have also invested in one bond on Incred Money.


Alyf is a platform through which investors can buy fractional holiday homes. The differentiating factor for Alyf is that it focuses on homes and flats rather than commercial properties which means that it would be easy to exit the opportunity at a future date if required. Investors also get timesharing in the properties they purchase. These properties are in holiday destinations like Goa and get good  Airbnb revenue!

I will continue to test the platform with limited exposure before allocating a much higher capital.

We are facing a startup winter which can affect some of the deals in the alternative portfolio. To create more information dissemination about deals I encourage people to share their experiences on the Randomdimes forum. You can also create new topics to share opinions and views.

Randomdimes Forum

Lending Investment

Platform Returns NPA
Grip Invest 13% 0%
Klubworks 15-17% 0%
WintWealth 10-11.5% 0%
Jiraaf 12-15% 0%
Pyse 10-11%(Post-Tax) 0%
Legalpay 14-16%(Post Tax) 0%
Growpital 16%(Tax Free) Blended Yield
Leafround 15-18% 0%
Altifi 12.50% 0%
Better Invest 16-18.00% 0%
  • All my cash flows in Klubworks, WintWealth, Pyse, Leafround, and GripInvest are per schedule.
  • Invested in  Vedika LoanX deal on Grip offering 13%.
  • Invested in a Couple of Invoices on Leafround ( Peelworks,
  • Received my Bhanix NCD coupon and KNS infra repayment as per schedule.
  • Invested in Satya Microcapital for 13.25% on Altifi

Grip Bigspoon Update  – Grip recently shared an update on a leasing deal that had some repayment pending and the company is going through stress. Below is the excerpt of the deal.  Grip has been quite proactive and transparent in handling challenges related to the investment portfolio.

Securitized investment vs. bond

In securitization, the originator packages a pool of loans and assigns his interest therein, including the underlying security, to a bankruptcy remote & tax neutral entity which, in turn, issues securities to investors. The idea of such an exercise is to completely transfer the interest in a pool of loans to the investors.

Securitization allows investors to improve their yields while keeping intact or even improving the quality of investment because :

  1. Direct investment in a pool of loans and not indirectly through bonds, which means even if the company defaults investor is protected.
  2. Higher Yield compared to High Rated bonds
  3.  Extra protection through Extra Interest spread and FD etc to make up for any defaults in the pool.


New Deals




Invoice Discounting and Pooled Loans

Platform Returns NPA
Liquiloans 9-10% 0%
Tradecred 11.50% 0%
Lendbox (Per Annum +Settlement Finance) 11.50% 0%
Cashkumar(Elastic Run) paused Paused
KredX 12% 0%
  • Lendbox Per Annum returns are as per expectations with seamless liquidity. Current yield 11.9%
  • Using Liquiloans/Per Annum to Park Short term capital
  • Blinkit and Indus Tower on Kredx Matured and got repayment before schedule. Investing in Zetwerk .
  • Avoid Dunzo deals for invoices as the company going through stress.
  • Invested in Log9 on Tradecred
Lendbox IRR

Crypto Investing

Crypto investors would have had a tough time declaring tax due to the numerous TDS deducted for each transaction. It makes more sense to buy and hold in India rather than trade.

MicroStrategy said that, as of July 31, 2023, it had acquired 152,800 BTC for $4.53 billion or $29,672 per Bitcoin. It is the largest private holding of Bitcoin by any corporate. Bitcoin buying strategy has turned out well for the company as the stock has gone up since the Bitcoin purchase!


You can buy Hardware Wallets on Etherbit as it is highly advised not to keep large amounts on exchanges.

P2P Investment

Current allocation:

  • India P2P – 50%
  • 12Club – 5%
  • I2IFunding- 25%
  • Finzy-10%
  • Faircent Pool Loan -10%
Platform Loans Selected Yield NPA
I2IFunding(Paused) Urban Clap Loans, education loans, Group loans 13.5% 4.75%
IndiaP2P Only Women Borrower Loans, Branch-based p2p lending 17% <1%
FINZY(Paused) Prime Borrowers, High Salary, A category 14.2% 3.5%
12 Club Only Minimum amount 12% 0%
  • I have completed 1 year of using IndiaP2P with good performance. I am awaiting an interview with the founder
  • I2Ifunding and Finzy have a very low volume of loans
  • The systematic investment plan loan on Faircent ( Only SIP Loan) is doing well

indiaP2P - portfolio performance

IndiaP2P Performance

Blacklisted Platform- Platform which had poor performance in the past 

  • Rupeecircle
  • Lendenclub

Equity Market

PreIPO Stocks

NSE posted a stellar performance this quarter. I feel the only thing stopping NSE’s price from shooting much higher is the litigation for the colocation case which is still not closed.

The current price for NSE has gone over INR 3300-3350 based on the quotes some brokers are offering for a minimum ticket size of 500.

Listed Stocks

A few sectors which we have invested in the start of this year are more than 30% include

  • Nasdaq
  • Hangseng
  • IT ETF
  • Pharma ETF

The broad market has also been very kind. The equity market is full of regrets. If you invest a lot and the market corrects you feel disappointed, if you invest less and the market goes up you feel bad, so a balance approached without reading too much about market behavior is essential.

Other Alternative Investment Assets  and Platform Updates

Growpital Investment –  The performance of the platform has been satisfactory till now. They have been doing regular meetings with investors along with webinars. I request investors to share their experience of attending their farms etc on the forum, which will help us to develop more confidence on the platform.

Growpital(Promo code GROWRDIMES)

Sustvest Investment – My Sustvest Portfolio has been doing fine and repayment is on time.

Fractional Real Estate Update- My investment in MYRE Capital has been performing as expected.  It is now called Yiedlwisex. They  Lease rental discounting opportunity backed by real estate is 99% funded.

Upcide Update – Till date I have invested in 2 deals on Upcide (use code MR630878). I participated in the latest EV truck opportunity. Planning to do a podcast with the founder this month.

11 thoughts on “Alternative Investment Portfolio – July 2023”

  1. Hi,

    Please try to cover Capital as well. They offer 15 percent return and have skin in the game too

  2. Hello Rohan,
    For your investment on Myre Capital opportunity, how much has the capital appreciated so far? Also, how are they giving exits to the existing investors? I guess SEBI plans to come up with a regulatory framework to regulate Fractional CRE under MSM REITs category. Any update on that from Myre side?

    How trustworthy is Growpital? They are reluctant to share their farm locations or the lease agreements of their farms

    When do you plan to write an article on your experience with India P2P?

    Also, have you explored another investment platform called Bhive Alts? I have heard really good reviews about them

    • Hi Madhavi, To get the current value of project I will have to request a quote from them. Till now there is no impact on the existing properties as such . They have however come up with a NCD based structure for deals now which is more in line with SEBI norms for securities.

      Few investors have gone to their farms and they do share farm details if you request them . However I agree corporate governance risk cannot be ruled out completely unless a third party does independent vetting .

      I have requested for few data pointers before I can go ahead with review for Indiap2p.

      I am not very keen on Bhive alts as they provide opportunities in their own assets which make it risky from a fiduciary responsibility and conflict of interest point of view.

  3. Why did you pause FInzy and I2I ? I was planning to start with I2I but wanted to understand the reason.

    • Hi I stopped FInzy and I2I because there are very few deals on both platforms. I have shifted capital to India p2p , Lendbox mostly in P2P

        • hi Deepak,
          You can withdraw the cash amount from your wallet or stop growth plan so that IndiaP2P do not reinvest the returns. It should take 5-6 months for most cashflow to be repaid.

  4. Hi Rohan,

    Can you please let me know the current price of unlisted shares of NSE and how can we buy the shares?

    • Hi Prakash,
      The value of NSE hovers between 3200 – 3400 depending on quantity and availability. Drop me a message on 9967974993. Will connect with the broker through which i purchase, he might give a better rate than online

  5. I would like to know where should I get my vauld assets as they are going for payout soon?
    any suggestions?


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