Best Bonds in India

We will be regularly updating this page with latest bonds which we find worth having a look in the respective category. Please note, this is by now means an investment advice and we are just curating and displaying list of bonds which WE find worthy and these may OR may not be suitable for your investment horizon, goals, and net worth. Please use your own research, judgment and ideally help from a registered financial planner to make your investment decisions.

Best High Yield Bonds in India

The best high-yield bonds in India typically come from established, creditworthy corporations offering competitive interest rates, making them appealing options for investors seeking enhanced yield potential in the Indian debt market.

Best Covered Bonds in India

Covered bonds in India represent some of the safest fixed-income investments, backed by collateral like mortgages or public sector assets. The best-covered bonds combine solid issuer credit quality with attractive yields, providing investors with a reliable and relatively low-risk investment option.

Best Bonds for Senior Citizens

For senior citizens in India, the best bonds are typically those that prioritize safety and regular income. Government and corporate bonds with a steady interest payout and low credit risk are ideal choices, providing financial security during retirement.

Best Corporate Bonds in India


Best Bonds for Monthly Income in India


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