GoldFinx Review-Gold Royalty (Discount Price)

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GoldFinx has opened up a revolutionary way to own gold royalty in portfolio which can give significant upside in the long run. The GoldFinx GIX Gold Investment is one of the novel methods for Gold Investment.It can give amplified returns unlike Sovereign Gold Bonds, Gold ETF etc.

It can be a good addition to alternate portfolio platform like Finzy , Tradeced ,GrowFix and Grip Invest

Opportunity to buy 10X Gold of your Initial Investment

Return = Initial Investment + 15%*Investment +20%of Production(In 10 years it is 10X of Initial Investment amount)

Gold price has been in a stellar rally for the last few months. Many economists believe the gold price should be significantly higher right now. Popular economist Peter Schiff has said that many people underestimate the current monetary & fiscal policy mistakes, as well as the long term effects of the global pandemic. He further says “when they figure it out en masse, gold price will skyrocket”.

gold price

It’s prudent to have gold in our portfolio as a hedge against inflation.Most people buy physical gold, Sovereign Gold bonds or Gold ETF which are not very efficient ways to hold gold due to the cost.

GoldFinx GIX Gold Investment is a FinTech 2.0 company that provides financing to Artisanal Small Gold Mines (ASGM) worldwide and gets in exchange a share of their production. Thousands of tonnes of Gold that exist around the world are ready to be mined. Though you need to have the capital and the right technology. At the heart of this venture is to exploit this previously neglected potential

The company is reputed and has been covered in multiple media outlets

GoldFinx-Opportunity for Gold Investment

There are 20 million people engaged worldwide in Artisanal and Small Gold Mines.It accounts for nearly 90% of the entire gold-mining workforce.

The remaining 10% work in industrial mines, often owned by multinationals. But ASGMs mine only 20% of the 3,000 tons produced annually. They cannot increase their production without reasonably fair and easy access to credit . In a mutually beneficial agreement, GoldFinx give these ASGM miners the means to invest in mechanization, pay for claims and titles, and hire workers. The GoldFinx business model doesn’t require market surveys or consumer panel analysis, as the final product is Gold, a highly liquid class of assets. It is one of those rare industries that commercially absorbs whatever volume is being produced

How it works

GoldFinx GIX Gold Investment has innovatively raised preliminary funds by creating a cryptocurrency (GIX) that today is listed on several crypto exchanges, including Coinsbit and Simex. The objective for 2020-2023 is to raise a total of 250 million Euros on the cryptocurrency markets, which covers the investment and working capital needs of 20+ Gold mines distributed in 12 different countries.

In the first quarter of 2020 Gold delivery produced by mines from the Ivory Coast and funded by GoldFinX began. Other mines in Canada, Tanzania, and Bolivia will receive their state-of-the-art equipment in the fall of 2020. Gold from these mines is intended to accumulate and be stored indefinitely in the vaults of international financial institutions. This will enable protecting the value of the cryptocurrency which enabled its extraction. Over the next ten years (2020-2030), the total turnover from the 20+ mines is estimated at 15 billion euros. The portion reserved for the GiX guarantee is estimated at 2.25 billion Euros in stored gold. It takes 16 months to accumulate the required gold reserve equivalent to the investment in each mine.

GoldFinx Gold Investment Business Model

How a Gold Royalty works?

gold royality

In simple language:

GoldFinX identifies potential mines which require funding. The mines prefer selling royality over Debt issue or equity as Debt is costly and equity dilutes stake.The company issue token of the royality and the money received is provided to develop mines under GoldFinX expertise.

Once the gold start accumulating the token own gets the full 100% of his money equivalent of gold + extra premium of 15% and the 20% of all future gold produces by these mines!

gfx coin

Once the pre-purchase volume is delivered, the mines will then share with GoldFinX 20% of their production in gold for the rest of the economically viable life of the mine. From this 20%, GoldFinX permanently stores 15% of the refined pure gold to the reserve to support the GiX coin. The remaining 5% will be accounted for as gross revenue for GoldFinX . From its 5% share, GFX funds its operations, including the necessary services and experts required to support the mines. GFX also dedicates a portion of its revenue to support the creation of the Heart of Mine Foundation.

gold premium


GFX provides a reporting system that gives GIX coin holders appropriate transparency on what has been achieved with the proceeds from the coin sale, as well as the up-to-date status of the projects. It provides coin holders with the most current information, accessible in its newsletters, on its website, and selected social media

gold accumulation


The Gold Reserve is under the exclusive authority of the GIX Trust, which is overseen by a Private Trust Company and its Board of Trustees for the benefit of the coin holders. The Trust established under the laws of Jersey (British Isles) watches over the scrupulous execution of the smart contract between the GiX Trust and GoldFinX :

1. General mandate of the Trust is to safeguard the Reserve permanently and increase its value.

2. The Trust has access to the data of the mines under contract and has an overview of their production.

3. GiX Trust attends to the 75/25 split of the royalty payment in Gold and takes possession of its share at the refinery.

4. It stores the metal at a specialized vault of its choice.

5. GIX Trust and GoldFinx GIX Gold Investment company contractually define the conditions of collateralization of the Reserve to finance the Phase II & III stages instead of issuing new coins

6. The Gold Reserve will be liquidated by the Board of Trustees and distributed to all GIX holders under the Jersey law should the GIX be prevented from continuing to exist,

Project Details

GoldFinx GIX Gold Investment aim to raise the entire amount required (250 million Euros)) for Phase 1 of the project within a period of 3 years from the listing date. Phase I Coin sale proceeds as follows:

• Minting a maximum of 300 Million GIX Coins. Selling for 250 Million Euros • Net proceeds after deduction of Placement fees, bounties and working capital is €180M

• From €180M, GoldFinX will eventually prepay +20 Co-op mines for contracted Gold

Split of 250Million

• At least 20+ mines will generate €15B of gross revenue throughout the life of the mines (10+ years)

• In 10+ years, the GiX coin will derive its value from the gold reserve amounting to €2.25B

• The Premium of 15% received in the delivery of the Advanced Purchase Agreement of €180m will already represent €27m of incremental revenue and stored in the Vault as well

gold return

So total money raised through 300 million coins will be provide access to prepurchase of 180 million of gold +15% premium(27 Million)+ 10 Year 15% share(2.2 Billion Euro)

In a nutshell you expect 10x of the initial amount of gold prepurchased by you in next 10 years.Think of it like a lifetime gold cashflow with just initial payment


INCREASING GOLD price based on its historical trend, one can extrapolate that Gold will most likely continue to gain in value over time, regardless of the typical short-term fluctuations. Gold was once below €200 in the 1970’s, but its price today is over €1,500. We can confidently predict that once the GoldFinx gold reserve reaches 500,000 oz, every €100 increase in the price of gold will generate an instant increase of €50,000,000 in guaranteed value of the Reserve. Clearly the gold price will influence the price of the GIX coin, but more importantly, it will provide a springboard for the GIX’s short term appreciation in value. This is triggered by the perceived future value of the increasing reserve of real gold in the vault;

• The appeal of the reserve in time (all phases of funding) reaching more than €10B (75+ mines) provides a positive outlook.

• More so when you understand that the value of the GiX coin can never logically be below the value of the gold in the security reserve!

• The GiX is a rare opportunity where the upswing in value is sensibly promising while the downside is contained by the security and peace of mind of the reserve. Therefore, in conclusion, it’s very plausible the GiX will appreciate by 30-50+ times over its original price.

Risk Mitigation

When the value of the reserve surpasses the initial value of the coins in circulation, one should expect the price of the coin to, as a minimum, follow that increasing value. This is particularly true since the GiX Smart Contract includes a dissolution clause (“Black Swan clause”) where under certain conditions the reserves in the vault would be sold and the proceeds split among coin holders on a prorata basis. The reserve will grow quickly with the first deliveries of prepaid production (with a premium of 15%) followed by the deliveries of the production share (20% of the production). These events will cause the reserve to grow at a fast pace. In ten years, we anticipate the reserve reaching a level of at least 10 times the amount invested in the 15 first mines

There is no risk of hacking if you are holding the coin in the GoldFinx account as they have a record of your purchase!

Discount Options on Gold Rate:

Current Price of GoldFinX Coin in Exchange = 2.85 Euro Per Coin

Offered price through the link =2.45 Euro (14% discount)

Further level of discounts to offer for purchases as follows:

25 – 500 GiX = Average Discounted Rate (i.e. 14%~)

501- 2,500 GiX = 5% discount
2,501 – 5,000 GiX = 10% Discount
5,001 – 10,000 GiX = 15% Discount
10,001 – 25,000 GiX = 20% Discount25,000+ GiX  = 25% Discount

For example if you buy 501 Gix ,market price on Exchange= 1432 Euro

Price using the link = 1170 Euro (Almost 20% Discount)

Process to Buy:

Use the Link to Register: GoldFinX

You will be able to see the applicable discount

Gix coin

Payment options for GiX purchases are accepted in the following formats:
Under €1,000 = Credit Card/Paypal & BTC(bitcoin)
€1,001 – €8,000 = Credit Card/Paypal, Bank Wire Transfer & BTC
Above €8,000 = Bank Wire Transfer & BTC

GoldFinX takes care of the fees if paid through credit card. You can also pay through IBAN Euro account if purchase more than 1000 Euro

Select the amount you want to pay and mode of payment,the coin gets transferred to your account within 2 hours.I suggest buy atleast 100 coins to start

PS: GoldFinX coin has to be held in wallet for atleast 9 months post which you can sell on exchange but for best results keep it as long as possible to collect gold royality!

Conclusion: This is a great opportunity for people who want to invest and accumulate gold.It’s a long term investment hence people looking for trading should avoid. Consider it like a private equity opportunity in gold mines.

*For US and Singapore citizen please change address to India as discount is not currently available in those 2 countries registration

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    What is ERC-20 WALLET DETAILS?

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