Random DimES https://randomdimes.com Realization that market is absurd cannot be an end ,but only a beginning Tue, 19 Jan 2021 09:00:36 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=5.6 GrowFix Review: High Yield Securitized Debt Investment https://randomdimes.com/growfix-review-securitized-debt-investment/ https://randomdimes.com/growfix-review-securitized-debt-investment/#respond Fri, 15 Jan 2021 13:11:18 +0000 https://randomdimes.com/?p=2453 GrowFix is an innovative fintech firm which is providing an avenue for investors to buy high yield (9% +) Debt products (like Covered Bonds/MLD) with enhanced security for investors What are these securitized debt investment(MLD, asset backed securities) created by GrowFix? Let’s take a step back and understand what happens when we buy a Bond […]

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Alternate Investment Portfolio Analysis -Way Forward https://randomdimes.com/portfolio-analysis-2020-and-way-forward/ https://randomdimes.com/portfolio-analysis-2020-and-way-forward/#respond Sat, 09 Jan 2021 07:03:08 +0000 http://randomdimes.com/?p=2298 The year two thousand and twenty has come to a close much like it began: Stocks in a bull market, notching fresh all-time highs. Cryptocurrency was the show stealer and other Alternate Investment also did well such as Palladium ,Invoice Discounting ,bitcoin and gold There are many years that investors easily forget, but 2020 certainly […]

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TradeCred Review : 3 Year Investment Experience https://randomdimes.com/tradecred-review-3-year-investment-experience/ https://randomdimes.com/tradecred-review-3-year-investment-experience/#comments Tue, 29 Dec 2020 12:33:47 +0000 http://randomdimes.com/?p=2267 Having started my investment in 2018 ,it’s almost close to 3 years investing on TradeCred (Free Link).I started at the same time as Kredx investment TradeCred has been a very good experience for me and I have to applaud the platform for it ,considering we faced Covid-19 which was 6 sigma risk event for most […]

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Finzy:Covid Impact and Recovery https://randomdimes.com/finzy-p2p-lending-covid-impact-and-recovery/ https://randomdimes.com/finzy-p2p-lending-covid-impact-and-recovery/#respond Sun, 20 Dec 2020 07:32:10 +0000 http://randomdimes.com/?p=2246 FINZY p2p portfolio has been different from I2IFunding (Code “discount50@i2i” ) and Rupee Circle(discount code PIND145) in terms of creditworthiness of the borrowers. While RupeeCircle had mostly high yield lower creditworthy loans FINZY has a good chunk of prime loans in its offering In goodtimes and economic boom phases low credit investment provides higher reward as […]

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I2IFunding :Covid Impact and Recovery https://randomdimes.com/p2p-i2ifunding-covid-impact-and-recovery/ https://randomdimes.com/p2p-i2ifunding-covid-impact-and-recovery/#respond Sun, 13 Dec 2020 07:26:48 +0000 http://randomdimes.com/?p=2220 I have been investing in I2IFunding for P2P Lending for more than 3 years now My P2P portfolio was mainly concentrated in 3 platforms Apart from Rupee Circle(free code PIND145 ) the other 2 platform which had provided stable yields in the past were : I2IFunding  (discount50@i2i”  for discount) FINZY To know about their Fees and […]

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RupeeCircle Review :Covid Impact and Recovery https://randomdimes.com/rupeecircle-review-covid-impact-and-recovery/ https://randomdimes.com/rupeecircle-review-covid-impact-and-recovery/#comments Mon, 07 Dec 2020 05:46:35 +0000 http://randomdimes.com/?p=2204 I have been Investing on RupeeCircle P2P Lending for more than 3 year. The Covid  and the subsequent lockdown was the world had never witnessed anything like this pandemic before. While the toll on humanity is unprecedented, its economic impact is uncertain. The bottom is still awaited, making it difficult to forecast the future. While […]

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Portfolio Analysis November 2020 https://randomdimes.com/portfolio-analysis-november-2020/ https://randomdimes.com/portfolio-analysis-november-2020/#respond Mon, 30 Nov 2020 05:56:06 +0000 http://randomdimes.com/?p=2148 United States pharma giant Pfizer Inc and its German partner BioNTech announced recently that final results from the phase three trial of their COVID-19 vaccine showed it to be 95 percent effective – the highest success rate for any pandemic candidate in late-stage trials so far. The firms submitted an application with the US FDA […]

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Investments in an Overheated Market https://randomdimes.com/investments-in-an-overheated-market/ https://randomdimes.com/investments-in-an-overheated-market/#respond Sun, 22 Nov 2020 10:52:02 +0000 http://randomdimes.com/?p=2123 One thing is on everybody’s mind these days. What to buy  at these level when economy and financial markets are at extreme opposite end of performance! When all the asset class are rallying everyday it’s hard to compare the valuation and risk .We end up choosing from a small set of securities without considering  about […]

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Rental Income Fractional Real Estate https://randomdimes.com/rental-income-fractional-real-estate/ https://randomdimes.com/rental-income-fractional-real-estate/#respond Mon, 16 Nov 2020 07:29:17 +0000 http://randomdimes.com/?p=2098 In Real Estate crowdfunding most platforms allow investors to choose either debt or equity investments (you can certainly include a mix of both in your portfolio). When investing in debt instruments, you’re acting as the lender to the property owner or the deal sponsor. Depending on the structure — which varies by real estate crowdfunding platform — the loan […]

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Why is the Bitcoin soaring in 2020? https://randomdimes.com/why-is-the-bitcoin-soaring-in-2020/ https://randomdimes.com/why-is-the-bitcoin-soaring-in-2020/#respond Sun, 08 Nov 2020 10:20:40 +0000 http://randomdimes.com/?p=2093 Bitcoin soared past $15,500 this week, hitting its highest level since 2018 as excitement over the United States election spilled over from macro markets.  Since the market crash in march Bitcoin has delivered 180% return ,which almost 4x of stock market return! What is Driving this Rally? There are three major factors driving this rally. […]

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